When the men want to get the flat waist or six pack to have impressive look, you have to concentrate on the upper and lower abdominal. For getting the six pack muscles visible in your waist portion, it is very important to do the regular exercises to focus the muscles in your upper ab. The following are some of the specific upper ab workouts to get six pack muscles in the waist or getting flat surface.

  • Wide leg-cross sit ups –It is a particular position of doing the exercises for focusing your upper abdominal. The upper ab is the main target muscles of this wide leg cross sit ups exercise.
  • Cable crunches – According to the protocol of the cable crunches workout, you should have to do at least 20 reps. while doing this procedure, you should slowly stretch out your spine and abs and return to the beginning position. This exercise will be very helpful to build the six pack muscles in your waist portion.
  • Ab sprinters – It is also one of the famous upper ab workouts which require 15 reps per side. During this exercise, both lower abs & upper abs, and obliques will be strong with the perfect muscle building. While doing this exercise, you need to lie flat on the floor with your arms at the sides and do it properly by following the correct instructions.

  • Swiss ball weighted crunches – 20 reps of the swiss ball weighted crunches will be done every day in order to get the desired body building and six pack structure. It perfectly focuses your upper abs to powerfully building the six pack muscles in the waist.
  • TRX body saws – For perfectly focusing your upper abs to burn fat and build the muscles. While starting this exercise, you need to be in the plank position with the feet in the 2 TRX straps and extend your elbows out in front of the face.
  • Ab-V-ups – During this exercises, you should have to work out at least 15 reps to get the perfect result. According to the protocol of this exercise routine, both your upper and lower abs muscles are being strong while doing this exercise for 15 reps.
  • Bicycle crunches – Based on the protocol of this exercise routine, everyone has to do at least 45 reps of this bicycle crunches. Your lower abs, upper abs, and obliques muscles are targeted in this exercise. It will help you to get the flat waist surface and fix pack muscles at all.
  • Overhead decline weighted sit ups – It is also one of the effective upper ab exercises which will be very helpful to focus your upper abdominal portion if you are doing it regular for about 20 reps. it helps to contract your upper abs and raise your torso better.

All these exercise routines and workouts are very helpful to focus the upper abdominals of the humans to raise muscles and get six pack body shapes.


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