What base to choose for gel polish?

What base to choose for gel polish?

Beautiful well-groomed nails today are not a dream, but an obvious reality that is available to all women without exception. However, it is important to understand that modern nail care methods are not as simple as they used to be. But the manicure does not last for a couple of days, but much longer, and for this it is enough to buy pnb gel polish.

What to do if the nails are very strong?

Also, do not forget that:

  • Basecoats and nail primers are used to prolong manicure. But they both work in different ways and are used with different products. Basecoats are usually used as the first coat of varnish before applying gel polish or regular nail polish. Nail primers are used to treat nails before applying acrylic, but can be used when applying gel or regular varnishes.

Nail primers are usually used to treat the surface of the nails so that the acrylic adheres better to the nail plates.

  • Nail primers usually work for:

– Nail dehydration to remove moisture and oil from the surface of the nails, allowing the acrylic to adhere better.

– Creation of microscopic tears and holes in the nail plates so that acrylics and varnishes adhere better to the nails.

Although European manicurists do not recommend using a nail primer when applying gel polish or regular varnish, if the nails are not prone to peeling or chipping. This is because nail primers are harsh chemicals that should only be used when really needed, such as when applying acrylic or when you are prone to flaking or chipping.

  • A base coat is a type of clear polish that is applied to your nails to help gel or regular polish last longer.

Benefits of base coats:

Basecoats are very similar to polishes, except they contain plasticizers to make them more flexible, and a higher level of cellulose to make them stick better. Some basecoat brands protect your natural nails from staining with polish dyes.

Basecoats help natural nails to be stronger and healthier by forming a protective coating that protects your nails from the more harsh chemicals in the varnish.

Some brands of basecoats even contain vitamins, nutrients, and even moisturizers to keep your natural nails looking their best.


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