Dermalogica and Olaplex cosmetics for home salon care

Dermalogica and Olaplex cosmetics for home salon care

How to provide salon care at home? Now this question is very relevant. After all, it is not always possible to carve out free time and extra money for trips to the beauty studio. What should you do in such a situation?

A real salvation for curls

Olaplex 3 will become a real salvation for hair, which acts as a full-fledged elixir for restoring strands. The product is intended for curls that are negatively affected:

  • chlorine;
  • sun;
  • hard tap water;
  • gas-polluted atmosphere of the metropolis;
  • sea ​​waves.

The effect of the product will also be appreciated by the owners of damaged hair due to the use of irons, hair dryers, curlers, and improper combs. Even rubbing against the pillowcase can injure the curls. What can we say about staining! But the Olaplex system will help to restore the attractive appearance to the strands.

The unique elixir produced by this brand contains only one active ingredient. The product is free from oils, aldehydes, silicones, sulfates. But it effectively restores the broken disulfide bonds that are present in the hair structure itself. As a result, the curls become strong, durable, beautiful.

Best skin care

But it’s not just hair that needs quality home care. It is worth buying dermalogica cosmetics to ensure a proper approach to working with the epidermis. Using such formulations at home will allow you to achieve the effect of salon care.

The popular brand offers several lines. Therefore, it is recommended to choose formulations based not only on the tasks set, but also on the type of skin. The American brand has developed an innovative formula. It is based on the use of natural ingredients. But each line has its own characteristics.

A gentle oil is ideal for cleansing the skin. Dermalogica Precleanse cosmetics are an excellent preparation for other treatments. The gentle cleansing composition effectively removes:

  • makeup;
  • dust;
  • particles of dirt;
  • leftover cosmetics;
  • sweat, etc.

In addition, this product perfectly moisturizes tissues and helps to tone them up. The secret lies in the unique composition of the oil. It is based on only natural ingredients, including olive oil, apricot kernels and borage seeds.

Another effective brand product is dermalogica intensive moisture balance, which is a nourishing moisturizer. Thanks to the use of such cosmetics for the face and body, you can achieve excellent results, and the effect will not be worse than after salon procedures.


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