Mary Cohr – cosmetics from France in Bonvivant

Mary Cohr is a trademark of the Guinot-Mary Cohr group. The company offers a wide range of beauty treatments and skin care products. For 40 years, the company’s mission has been to help women become more attractive through innovative therapies.

At Mary Cohr, beauty professionals combine their expertise with Mary Cohr therapies for instant, visible results.

Back in 1976, Frenchwoman Mary Cor, together with pharmacist Jean Daniel Monden, founded the brand that began to bear her name. It was originally intended only for beauty salons. The company has harnessed the potential of plants and essential oils to develop a range of non-GMO, paraben and chemical filter products and treatments with skin-compatible fragrances.

Mary Cor chose the beauty salon as the only suitable professional establishment, serious enough for qualified beauticians to perform beauty treatments. The son of a plastic surgeon, the current President and CEO of the Guinot-Mary Cohr Group, Jean Daniel Monden received his PhD in Pharmacy.

Thanks to this new experience, his own vision and medical experience, Mondin redefined the concept of “cosmetics”. One of the few scientifically trained people in the world who runs a cosmetics company, Mondin decided to create a high-tech laboratory that voluntarily meets the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Today the Mary Cohr brand is the market leader in beauty salons. You can get acquainted with the company’s products on the website of the BonVivant luxury cosmetics store

The originality of the company’s cosmetics lies in their composition, which contains essential oils in the form of a hydrogel thanks to a new patented process that allows the active ingredients to be better absorbed into the skin, making them even more effective.

Mary Cohr markets itself as a brand of specialized, drug-effective therapies to improve the appearance of skin.

Mary Cohr treatments are offered in beauty salons by cosmetologists who have received medical cosmetology qualifications.

The professionalism of cosmetologists and the effectiveness of the procedures ensure the rapid success of beauty salons and brands.


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