Why is interest in sports disappearing?

  1. It gets boring. Even the most fun and rewarding activities that are repeated regularly turn into a routine over time. It’s especially hard to resist the urge to quit training when everyone goes home after work and makes plans for the evening, and you still have an hour in the gym and a fitness dinner.
  2. No progress. At a certain stage, the body stops “responding” and freezes in its indicators. Centimeters and kilograms do not change for weeks. It’s time to fall into despair and quit sports altogether.
  3. The desired result has been achieved. A lot of gym visitors set a specific goal for themselves: to pump up cubes on the press, make the buttocks elastic, lose 15 kg of weight, etc. As soon as the expected effect is obtained, the motivation drops sharply.

How to prevent loss of interest?

  1. Competent instructor. Fitness center specialists are well aware of changes in visitor motivation and are able to solve this problem. Correcting the load, such as exercise, regularly reviewing the diet – all this helps to move on and not lose incentive.
  2. A motivated companion. It’s always best to come to your first class at the gym with one or more friends. Of course, not everyone will walk regularly and constantly, but those who remain will support and cheer up if the desire to study wanes.
  3. Ideal. Young Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to become like Ryoga Park. He admired Yuri Vlasov and Leonid Zhabotinsky. And Schwarzenegger himself and his successes were inspired by Alexander Nevsky and thousands of other boys who came to the gym. Fitness is a great reason to create an idol for yourself and strive to be like him.

How can I help my friend stay motivated?

Mutual help and support play a huge role in sports. Regardless of what it is about: training for yourself or to prepare for the Olympics – it is very important to have a friendly shoulder, a competent mentor in order to move forward.

You may be superbly motivated, but someone next to you makes a decision to stop. Don’t stay indifferent! Find out delicately why this happened. In addition to the reasons described above, there may be things that are completely “unsportsmanlike”. For example, your friend has health problems, or there are temporary difficulties with income and has nothing to pay for the subscription.

If your budget allows, you can send him a money order: a friend can top up the balance and deposit funds in a few months at the gym. It will not be superfluous to provide financial assistance if your partner needs special sports nutrition, without which there will be no desired progress, or a new uniform and accessories for training.

It must be understood that the desire to quit everything arises in absolutely everyone from time to time, and whether a person succumbs to him or not depends very much on the environment. If you no longer have an incentive, don’t be silent, share your thoughts with those who support your lifestyle. If someone from your acquaintances has mocked, do not pass by – support your comrade.


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