Starting a conversation about healthy eating, you need to understand that this is not excruciating deprivation, strict rules for eating or fasting for weight loss. It’s a way to stay healthy by making smarter food choices, including:

  • monitoring portion sizes,
  • limiting fat intake,
  • eating natural whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains,
  • and reducing the amount of processed foods in the diet.

Eating in a balanced and high quality way is not so difficult, especially since today dietary products reach the consumer almost ready-made. The Racionika company offers a line of products designed with the principles of modern dietetics and healthy eating in mind. On the official website of the company you can find bars, which are dominated by vitamin complexes, protein, trace elements that contribute to weight loss. As well as ready-made cereals and soups, which are enough to pour water, bran chips and diet cocktails.


All of these products are sodium-free, since it is sodium that increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke or coronary heart disease. Traditionally processed foods such as canned soups, breads, pasta, salad dressings, snacks, and cereals are high in sodium. Avoiding these foods can help limit sodium in your diet and reduce your risk of heart disease.

The site of the Racionika company offers not only products of its own production, but also consulting support, divided into two categories “Question to an expert” and “Articles”. Here are tips for healthy eating for the general population. A separate column “Recipes” contains the recommended methods of preparing dietary and balanced food, including with the company’s products.

The Racionika guidelines do not apply to preschool children as they have different nutritional needs. Babies should gradually switch to the same foods as the rest of the family, in proportions calculated in accordance with their particular health.

The products of the domestic company Racionika are available to all segments of the population and are supplied throughout the country, which makes them especially popular and beloved.


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