Snowboard jackets are different from the usual outerwear. Yes, you can wear a snowboard jacket in your everyday life every day, but if you have not purchased special clothing for riding, do not assume that a simple jacket bought from a department store is a great solution. There are many reasons for this, but the two most common reasons are related to the design characteristics of the snowboard suit and its fit.

The online store of sportswear and footwear Five-sport offers jackets and suits for a snowboard from the St. Petersburg company Cool Zone – the winner of the prestigious European exhibition-competition of sporting goods ISPO AWARD 2019 The brand’s snowboarding apparel is made from multiple materials, each designed to last for years. Buyers do not have to worry about its durability, it is more important to choose the right fit for a suit or jumpsuit.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional snowboarding, quality snowboarding clothing will keep you dry, warm, and overall comfortable.

It is necessary that:

  • the jacket fit snugly, but with enough room for arm movement and at the waist, provided there is a base layer of clothing underneath. A common mistake is to fit a jacket over a thin T-shirt. When this is done, no compensation is made for the thickness of the additional layer, which causes serious fit problems;
  • there was enough room in the pants for the base layer, while they should not hinder your movements, allowing you to bend, twist, squat or squat as comfortably as possible;
  • the pockets were deep enough and roomy, and the zippers reliably protected their contents;
  • there was ventilation in the clothes – special holes that allow the heat accumulated under the clothes to be dumped, saving the person from overheating, but do not let the cold under the suit.
  • there was an adjustable cuff for the trousers. It holds them in place over the top of your boots and allows you to buckle your pants so they don’t expose your leg;
  • children who enjoy snowboarding in any weather were dressed in equally high-quality clothes. To stay comfortable throughout the day, it is important that the layers of clothing they wear work together and wick excess sweat from their skin, allowing air to circulate. So babies will not get sick from hypothermia or overheating. In addition, they, as especially mobile participants in the descent, need comfortable movements that ensure proper physical development.


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