The main exercise in every cross workout and strength workout is pull-ups. It’s so easy that you can make them at home. Of course, you will need a horizontal bar for exercise. It will not take up much space and will not limit the space of your home. You can use it for many types of exercises while strengthening your upper body at the same time. Here you can choose a horizontal bar that suits your needs perfectly.


How to choose a pull-up bar?

Before choosing a horizontal bar for exercise, ask yourself what kind of exercise you want to do with it. If you usually pull up in the classic way, with an interference, then a spacer without additional handles will be the best choice for you. It is easy to install and features an expanding fastening system, so you can easily adjust it to the width of your door. You can train your back, biceps, arms, chest, trapezius muscles, and abdominal muscles.

Are you looking for a more versatile pull-up bar? In this case, there are horizontal bars with additional hammer handles and a wide grip. This is a very good piece of equipment for people who appreciate being able to use one piece of equipment. So train with different arm spacing and positions without any restrictions.

Where and how to attach the chin-up bars?

It is easy to install a spacer in the doorway. However, it may turn out that taller people will have problems even with basic exercises on it. Therefore, before deciding to purchase a spacer, check the height and decide if you can do the exercises without strongly bent legs. An alternative is an exercise bar that can be attached to a wall. We recommend installing it on a load-bearing wall to increase stability. This is by far the best option for taller people.

A pull-up bar is a great way to train your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles on a daily basis. You can work out at home and, thanks to our other cross training equipment, create your own gym, equipped according to your needs and preferences.

The pull-up bar is suitable for both adults and children. Such a horizontal bar is an excellent solution to keep yourself in shape without leaving home. Modern manufacturers offer horizontal bars with various fastening systems and design solutions. Such horizontal bars will serve faithfully for many years, and will allow you to perform basic physical exercises at any time of the day.


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