What is “on everyone’s lips”? Surely you know the answer to this frivolous question. Of course, we are talking about lipstick.
She quickly and radically transforms any woman, makes her brighter and more interesting. Of course, you can change yourself by buying new clothes or changing your hairstyle, but for this you need to have a decent amount at hand. You can experiment with lipstick indefinitely, which cannot be said, for example, about a hairstyle.

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What are lipsticks?

Moisturizing, nourishing, long-lasting and super-resistant, pearlescent, matte, lipsticks with a wet lip effect, lip gloss … They all agree on one thing: they protect the delicate skin of the lips from the harmful effects of the environment and add shade or color. Recently, a lot of hygienic lipsticks and balms with a slight coloring effect have appeared.

Lipstick brush and lip pencil

Many makeup artists do not use lipstick, but a lip liner, spreading it over them with a brush! Of course, a thin layer of colorless moisturizing balm must be applied over the pencil.

If there is a problem?

Lipstick will help out!
A very common occurrence, especially in winter, is dry, chapped, flaky lips. Make it a rule not to leave the house without lipstick or lip balm! Do exfoliating treatments at night, such as lightly brushing your lips with a toothbrush, followed by chapstick, balm, or honey.
In summer, be sure to use a UV-protected lip balm.

Application secrets

To make the lipstick lay in an even, beautiful layer, apply a little balm or hygienic lipstick on cleansed skin. Wait a bit and blot with a napkin. Apply foundation – if necessary, or lightly powder your lips. If you need to adjust the contour, then use a contour pencil before applying lipstick. This technique will also allow the lipstick not to spread over the vertical wrinkles of the lips. Blend the contour and apply lipstick with a brush. A brush is preferable to a pencil-rod, because the lipstick lays down softer, smoother and delicate cracks that make up the unique pattern of your lips do not clog. Add some gloss to the center of the lips for a more voluminous effect.

Learning to draw

If you are satisfied with the shape of your own lips, then you can safely envy you and admit that you are a happy person. But more often you still want at least something, but change … So, in order to visually increase the volume of the lips, draw a contour above the red border, and to reduce it – just below it. “Raise” the lowered corners, without bringing the contour to the corners of the mouth. Light lipstick makes lips look fuller.


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