Contour plastic is one of the most effective methods of facial skin rejuvenation, which is actively used in modern cosmetology. The advantages of face contouring are that it is minimally invasive, the procedure does not take much time and does not require a long period of rehabilitation.


And, of course, the main plus – the rejuvenating effect is observed, as they say, with the naked eye, manifests itself quickly and at the same time lasts for a long time. Correction of age-related changes, correction of wrinkles and folds on the face, getting rid of frontal wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes, correcting the shape of the lips and nose, restoring the oval of the face – these are the tasks with which contour plastic copes perfectly well.

Of course, a cosmetologist will tell you in detail about all the details of the procedure, possible contraindications and side effects. But a woman should find out some important facts before visiting a cosmetology clinic.

One of the reasons for the appearance of those very “age-related changes on the face” is the gradual resorption of subcutaneous fat over the years. The production of its own collagen and elastin also decreases, which leads to the formation of a kind of “voids” that negatively affect the appearance. The essence of the contour plasty method is the introduction of special filler preparations into the intradermal or subcutaneous layers, designed to “fill the voids” and thereby literally simulate the shape of the face (in fact, “filler” in translation is a filler). As a rule, the main active ingredient of fillers is hyaluronic acid, which helps to activate the process of tissue regeneration.

Accordingly, the correct selection of the filler is the most important task to be solved by the cosmetologist before the procedure. The choice of a specific gel will be dictated by the problem area and the degree of correction required. However, there are clear general requirements for all formulations.

All components of the drug should be hypoallergenic, not cause local inflammatory reactions, not have toxic and carcinogenic effects, and their decay products should be non-toxic and easily excreted from the body. And, quite naturally, the drug should work throughout the entire declared period.

But even the most “correct drug” must be properly injected into the body. The most common mistakes are gel contouring and migration. And it is very simple to avoid this: contouring should be carried out only by an experienced cosmetologist, in a clinic with a good reputation.

As for possible contraindications to the procedure, their list is relatively short. It is impossible to carry out the procedure during pregnancy and lactation, during the period of acute infectious diseases (skin, acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections), with diabetes mellitus, as well as in the case of a number of other diseases and individual characteristics of the patient.

And if no such contraindications have been identified, all that remains is to choose a convenient day for the procedure. And after its completion – do not visit the sauna, do not sunbathe or do a facial massage for two weeks. Quite standard requirements for many non-surgical methods of rejuvenation.

So, the key to success and a noticeable “return of youth” during contouring is the right choice of a cosmetologist. And in order not to be mistaken with this choice, it is worth contacting the “Total Sharm” clinic of cosmetic medicine on Chistoprudny Boulevard. The professionalism of the specialists working in it, their experience and sensitive attitude to each patient are a guarantee of quality. Guarantee of your youth and beauty.


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