A haircut is a touch in an image that can correctly highlight accents. The client’s mood, and women’s confidence, and even in some situations, a positive interview result or career success depends on the correctly chosen haircut.

Salon procedure: changing the client’s image with a haircut

It is necessary to shorten hair in compliance with certain rules:

  • haircuts are performed on a clean base (various styling products must be washed off the hair);
  • for work, the master uses a special machine (for example, you cannot do without it when creating the image of the Underkat) or professional scissors. The tool must be well sharpened so that a professional can make the finest cuts;
  • accessories and accessories used in the process must be disinfected before each new hairdressing manipulation, and treated with special compounds after all the work has been completed;
  • The master will select a haircut according to several parameters at once (recommendations for the type of face, the wishes of the client of the salon, the type and thickness of the hair, depending on the intended coloring).

The master chooses the type of haircut depending on how much hair the client wants to keep as a result of the work. If we are talking about the fact that the guest of the evvitop beauty salon agrees to any bold experiments with her appearance, then it all depends on the determination of the professional, on his willingness to give the girl the most interesting image.

  1. The dyed undercut is unlikely to ever go out of style now. He has a too persistent army of fans who consider this type of haircut too bold, riveting the attention of the opposite sex, convenient to style, and just dizzying. The process involves the use of several techniques by masters at once, so it is worth entrusting the creation of the Anderkat exclusively to a hairdressing guru.
  2. Cascade. It can be performed both on medium length hair and be beautifully presented on long hair. There are many variations of this haircut, allowing you to find an approach to the desires of any client from the side of a master hairdresser. In 2021, a hairstyle with bangs will be at the peak of demand. She is practical, beautiful, you can play with her in every possible way, straightening her hair or curling it into romantic curls.
  3. Pixie. It’s about the queen of haircuts for girls in the current and coming year. With this hairstyle, you can be daring, sweet, confident or a modest adorable. The choice is up to the client of the beauty salon.


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