Japanese cuisine is becoming more and more popular and in demand every year. First of all, this applies to rolls and sushi. They are offered in almost every bar, restaurant and cafe. The demand for them is explained by the use of high quality ingredients, a lot of useful properties, the minimum amount of calories and an attractive presentation. The Makarollich company is ready to offer the delivery of rolls in Tyumen. Here you will definitely find a dish to your liking.


The difference between the main Japanese delicacies

Cheap sushi delivery in Tyumen is quite popular. This dish is considered a suitable option for a snack at work, a cozy family dinner or a romantic date. 6-8 pieces are enough to fill.

You need to understand that sushi and rolls have significant differences. It is worth considering them in detail:

  • Sushi. This is a piece of rice, on which the filling is laid – seafood or fish. It can also be tied with a nori strip. It uses exclusively rice, fish and seafood – no additives! You can order inexpensive sushi in Tyumen in Makarollich of the following types: Spicy salmon, Spicy eel, Wakimi, With cheese and salmon and many others.
  • Rolls. They are compact rolls with a filling inside. It can be fish and seafood of different types, cheeses, chicken, beef, vegetables and others. And on top, the roll is wrapped in seaweed. Rolls are presented in a variety of types. For example, this is Tempura with salmon and green onions, Lava, Daikon roll, Summer, Classic with cucumber, Cheese, Philadelphia with tobika in sesame, Rick and others.

Many people think that rolls and sushi should only be eaten with chopsticks. But this is a misconception. The correct option is to eat with your hands. But sticks are best used for raw fish slices or sashimi. Sushi in Tyumen inexpensively for every taste is presented in Makarollich.

5 reasons why you should contact Makarollich

Why ordering rolls in Tyumen should be done in Makarollich? Let’s highlight 5 key reasons:

  1. we offer the widest selection of Japanese delicacies, which you can find on our website;
  2. here you will find not only rolls, but also pizza, desserts, snacks, salads and others;
  3. our consultants always help to make a choice;
  4. you can easily and quickly place an order on the website or by phone;
  5. we have low prices and bonuses so you can save.

We also provide our clients with a variety of promotional offers.

Spoil yourself and your loved ones with delicious sushi and rolls.


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