Nail care brands are becoming more and more innovative with varnish formulas, so do-it-yourself nails can look professional and might even last as long as if you were doing it in a salon. Ask any manicurist to discover the secret of a long-lasting manicure and everyone will answer. that this top is a durable topcoat layer. Shiny, gel, glossy, matte tops are designed to keep the polish free from warping and chipping for as long as possible.

“The top coat is the cherry on top from an aesthetic and structural point of view,” says Ellie Slim, head teacher at Ukeiru Nail Studio. “It completes the look of the nail, providing a smooth finish and protecting nails of any complexity.” When looking for the right brand of nail polish, it’s important to find a brand that not only uses nutritious ingredients, but also offers a wide range of colors, dries quickly, has convenient applicator brushes, and is easy to buy online. The online catalog of the GOODLAC manicure materials online store offers high-quality tops from various brands at the most affordable prices

Top coat and base coat should not be confused, because the base aligns the nail plate and the top fixes the finished manicure.

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High quality top varnish:

  • not only makes nails resistant to chips, but also prevents nail color fading;
  • has a non-toxic base in its composition;
  • dries nails quickly, giving them a mirror-like shine;
  • works with any varnish and after drying it becomes perfectly smooth;
  • Thin enough to dry quickly, but hardening, forms a protective coating that mimics the look of gel polish;
  • Combines nourishing and fortifying ingredients that protect and condition nails while delivering the full effect of the most challenging coating.
  • leaves nails professionally cared for for a long time.

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While tops may look the same in a bottle, the composition is often very different. Some contain biotin, keratin or vitamin E, which help keep nails healthy, while others are specially formulated for extended wear. In this case, formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate should be avoided in the composition of the top, since they negatively affect the health of the nails.

It is important to store the top for nails correctly, after the expiration date it can clump or delaminate.


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