Shugaring masters will definitely not be left without a piece of bread. After all, the popularity of the “sweet” type of depilation is only growing. This is largely due to the technology itself: hair removal by growth guarantees smooth skin for up to 10-14 days. And with the advent of new, unusual pastes for depilation, masters were able to select individual solutions for each client. Using the latest from popular brands, you can:

  • relieve unpleasant sensations of clients with a low pain threshold;
  • achieve flawless smoothness even with ingrown hairs;
  • make the epilation procedure as pleasant as a SPA body treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at these tools:

ARAVIA Professional: SUPERFLEXY series

The Arabia company is the undoubted leader in the world of sugar depilation. The assortment of this company includes many sugar pastes for professional and home use, which are constantly included in the lists of the best. The SUPERFLEXY line is a solution for experienced sugaring masters. These pastes are distinguished by their increased plasticity and are aimed at solving the main problems of the client:

  • ULTRA ENZYME – soft plastic caramel from the series for combating ingrown hair. Well envelops short, shaved and shallow hairs;
  • SOFT SENSITIVE – medium-soft caramel for sensitive skin, which often has redness and inflammation. Provides gentle hair removal with minimal damage to the stratum corneum.
  • GENTLE SKIN – medium, plastic caramel. A good paste for shugaring delicate areas, where the risk of unpleasant sensations is especially high.

Sherris: Stars Kenzo Glitter Paste

A paste with the scent of French Kenzo perfume and an impressive portion of sparkles. The paste is available in three densities: ultra-soft, soft and versatile. Features of caramel:

  • throughout the procedure, the client feels the scent of perfume;
  • as the manufacturer assures, the glitter is safe for the skin;
  • all paste consistencies are comfortable to work with and atraumatic.

Saona: a series of pastes for SPA sugaring

A series of colored pastes with aromas of raspberry, banana, dark and white chocolate.

  • according to the manufacturer, the pastes are safe for the skin, because they are flavored with food fragrances, and gel dyes give them color;
  • sufficiently tenacious pastes;
  • the plasticity of the paste makes it easy to work with and reduces the client’s discomfort.

Gloria: Monochrome paste

Talking about unusual shugaring pastes, one cannot fail to mention black caramel from the Gloria company, created to work with coarse and shaved hairs:

  • the unusual color of the caramel is due to the addition of shungite powder – a mineral that is able to maintain the temperature of the paste and does not allow it to melt and stick excessively;
  • the paste does a good job with short hairs;
  • shungite has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore the composition is recommended to be used for depilation of sensitive skin.


OxyEpil brand pastes are brewed under special conditions: a pressure of 3.7 Pascals. A special cooking technology affects the properties of caramels. Features of pastes:

  • enriched with oxygen;
  • the color of the pastes is milky white;
  • the compositions are distinguished by tenacity and plasticity, so the procedure is quite fast.


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