Healthy, well-groomed hair makes a person look more attractive, and it doesn’t matter who it belongs to – a man or a woman.

Hair care depends a lot on scalp care. After all, while hair follicles come in a variety of thicknesses and shapes, resulting in straight, wavy, kinky, or just curly hair, the strands themselves are not actually alive. Therefore, proper hair care begins with the scalp.

  1. A clean scalp is a healthy scalp. If it is not cleansed regularly, the balance of the microbiome is disrupted and this causes an increase in the population of bacteria and inflammation, which negatively affects the follicles. However, you should not wash your hair once or several times a day, as this will strip it of its natural protective oil. How often you wash your hair per week depends on your hair type.
  2. Invest in the right products. This applies to anything you put on your hair, from shampoo to styling wax. Knowing your skin and hair type, select the right products only on trusted sites. Recently, a line of hair care products from the bearded Palych has gained particular popularity. Here you can find only the best and highest quality products for the care of not only hair, but also a beard. Which especially attracts brutals who want to look as gorgeous as their women.
  3. Whenever possible, try to avoid heated styling tools such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, or curlers. Since heat damages hair, air drying is your healthiest option. And here men are clearly in the lead in the fight for healthy hair.
  4. For most people, gray or gray hair begins to appear before the age of 50. This is due to a slowdown in the production of melanin in hair, a pigment that makes hair, skin, and eye color darker. When the strands are devoid of melanin, it makes them dry and brittle. Take care of your hair regularly by saturating it with conditioner and leave-in treatments, which you can find on the website.
  5. The amount of hair moisture depends on the type of hair. The first line of defense against dryness for all hair types is to regularly use conditioner when washing. Simply shampoo will cause them to dry out and break, not to mention dry out the scalp as well. For coarse hair types, use appropriate masks. Fine hair can only be pampered with conditioner.


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