Every woman who is breastfeeding a child is interested in the question of how to maintain the shape and beauty of the mammary glands. Alas, there is no single answer to this. In many ways, everything is determined by genetics and the state of the connective tissue frame of the breast.

The anatomical features of the female bust do not allow it to be pumped up with special exercises and it reacts very sensitively to changes in the hormonal background of a woman. It is very important to eat rationally, because with a lack of protein in the diet, our body has nothing to build new cells from and therefore the process of renewal of skin, muscles, connective tissue slows down, which negatively affects the condition of the breast. It is very important to close all nutrient deficiencies before pregnancy and monitor their level during the period of gestation, as well as after childbirth. This will help support the body as a whole.

Here are some simple rules to help you keep your bust beautiful:

  • in the last semester of pregnancy, carefully approach the choice of a bra: it should be in size and not squeeze the breast tissue;
  • use a special oil for stretch marks – lubricate the chest with it;
  • after the birth of the baby, use a special nursing bra – this will additionally support the connective tissue apparatus of your breast, removing some of the load from it;
  • try to feed your baby at regular intervals, in this case, the milk will stay evenly and in such an amount that your baby needs to be full;
  • as your baby grows, the time it takes to feed will increase. But still, try not to pump – this will give the body an opportunity to rebuild itself to the needs of the child.

Well, if all of the above is already, alas, irrelevant, then the only way remains is plastic surgery. It can include both a simple augmentation or tightening, and a combination of these manipulations. In some cases, a woman prefers to shrink her breasts as they become very large and heavy. The cost of breast surgery after childbirth will vary depending on the manipulations required to restore its aesthetics.

Plastic surgery successfully eliminates such aesthetic problems of the mammary glands as:

  • stretch marks;
  • sagging;
  • deformation of the nipples;
  • asymmetry.

Thus, even if preventive measures to preserve the aesthetics of the mammary glands did not give the desired results, there is always a plan “B” – plastic surgery.


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