You have already tried to lose weight more than once, but nothing worked. Excess weight returned again, a weight plateau set in, a breakdown and impulsive overeating occurred, something prevented me from finishing what I started. There can be many reasons for unsuccessful weight correction, but there is only one way out – to go through a quality weight loss marathon, achieve amazing results, get the main prize for your efforts, tell everyone about your achievements and be proud of yourself.

Do you want to go through all this, become beautiful, slim, happy, confident? Then catch a great offer – Lara Serebryanskaya’s weight loss marathon “Light Slim”. This is a unique method of weight correction without extra efforts, strict restrictive diets and grueling workouts.

It is based on the author’s “butterfly” weight loss and balance system, which was personally developed by Lara Serebryanskaya, a practicing nutritionist, experienced psychotherapist and consultant on eating disorders, a certified coach.

It should be noted that Lara Serebryanskaya is known not only as an experienced weight correction specialist and nutritionist, but also as the founder of the Center for Weight Correction and Personality Development of the same name, as well as co-founder and chief expert of the Wellness Consulting Academy. So this is a great chance to entrust your weight loss to such an experienced and well-known nutritionist.

Weight loss marathon “Easy harmony” can be passed on 3 different levels, which differ in duration, content and cost of participation.

The first level of the marathon (basic) involves a 14-day participation and includes:

  • video lectures on nutrition and self-worth;
  • menus and recipes for every day of the marathon, based on a balanced and healthy diet system;
  • a weekly home workout program in the form of video lessons, compiled by a trainer and a sports master (emphasis on different muscle groups, an explanation of the exercise technique);
  • daily psychological tests, thought out in the form of quests, for the development of self-worth, awareness, balance and harmony with oneself;
  • a complete reboot of the belief system, getting rid of stereotypes and destructive attitudes for the systematic reduction and stabilization of weight.

The second level of the marathon (optimal) involves 21 days of participation and includes:

  • all of the above;
  • daily feedback with a personal weight loss manager (report, questions and answers, support);
  • technical assistance, control of assignments, discipline;
  • live webinar from coach, psychotherapist and nutritionist, marathon author Lara Serebryanskaya.

The third level of the marathon (maximum) involves 21 days of participation and includes:

  • everything that is included in the level is optimal;
  • an e-book with tips for every day “7 steps towards the goal”;
  • author’s electronic diary of nutrition and physical activity, which can be downloaded, printed and filled out (this is a kind of post-program support);
  • personal support and mentoring of nutritionist, psychotherapist and certified coach Lara Serebryanskaya.

Regardless of the level of participation in the weight loss marathon, you can get rid of 3 to 5 extra pounds, and you will also understand how to continue weight correction until the desired result is obtained. In addition, you can correct all the early mistakes in nutrition and weight loss, get rid of myths about this, learn to cope with excessive appetite and overeating.

Weight loss marathon “Easy Slim” will teach you to enjoy physical activity, to be full from a small amount of food, to skillfully practice PP without strict prohibitions and restrictive diets. You will love yourself and your reflection in the mirror, gain self-confidence, increase self-esteem, and feel a surge of strength and vitality.

With the help of the acquired knowledge and methods, you will be able to achieve the figure of your dreams, catch the admiring glances of others, bathe in compliments and be proud of your appearance.

All you need to participate in the marathon is:

  • desire to become beautiful, healthy and slim;
  • take measurements of the main parameters of the body and weight and enter them in the table to evaluate the results “before” and “after”;
  • flexible meter and scales for measurements;
  • scales for weighing food (to regulate portions);
  • ready-made menu and recipes (found in your personal account);
  • success diary (we will tell you how to start and fill in);
  • diary of nutrition and physical activity (we issue it in the electronic version at the maximum level);
  • a photo diary of your results (so that you have something to be proud of and brag about).

Separately, it should be noted that the Lara Serebryanskaya slimming marathon “Light Slenderness” was created according to a unique author’s method based on many years of experience and client cases. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to losing weight, you can accelerate the desired transformations and achieve results much faster. The dream of losing weight quickly and easily has never been so real!

So if you have been wandering in a vicious circle for a long time, constantly sitting on restrictive diets, then breaking down, blaming yourself, eating up your defeat, then this is definitely the best option for you to lose weight forever.

The slimming marathon is also suitable for those who have spent years waiting for a ghostly result, tired, disappointed, exhausted, morally exhausted from diets and exhausting exercises. It is needed by everyone for whom losing weight has always been considered a difficult task, who lacks support, motivation and wise advice, who is entangled in endless sources of information and no longer knows what to believe.

And finally, the good news – in our marathon there are valuable prizes that can be won based on the final results. More information about the prizes and the conditions for receiving them can be found on the marathon page.

Here you will find everything you have been looking for. Therefore, we are waiting for you at the “Light Slim” slimming marathon and let’s make your dreams come true together!


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