By simply cycling, women can achieve the beauty they desire. Women’s models are not inferior to men’s in functionality, and comfort is achieved by design features. In the SportArm store, there are bikes for sports, trips out of town, and a leisurely ride in the park. The universal option – the women’s cruiser bicycle – has earned great popularity. According to the unanimous statement of doctors, trips are beneficial for the body, both for young girls and adult women.


Is the bicycle a woman’s transport?

If aspects of cycling such as model, roads, correct breathing, clothing are taken into account, all common riding methods are available to women. For lovers of travel on the difficult roads of the region, the online store represents women’s mountain bikes in Moscow. Models of popular brands share common parameters:

  • sturdy frame and wheels;
  • wide tires (from 3.8 cm) with treads;
  • the presence of a large number of speeds (up to 30);
  • improved brakes and shock absorbers,
  • ergonomic fit.

The structures are made of light alloys and equipped with a wide soft seat. Mountain bikes are versatile. They are suitable for training, competition, camping trips. At the same time, bicycles for women are beautiful – the sports style does not negate the bright colors and attractive design. Large wheels, mechanical disc brakes or smooth hydraulic brakes make the speed bike safe. Sportswomen will be interested in models with different types of suspension: rigid, hardtail, full suspension, soft-tail, cross-country and other special types for extreme riding.

Cycling is an effective tool for a perfect figure

If you make the bicycle the main mode of transport, you can achieve amazing results. Changing the rhythm and load, the rider constantly uses the muscles of the legs, hips, buttocks. When a woman sits on a bicycle, her back is involuntarily straightened, her stomach is drawn in. A person balances, straining and forcing all muscle groups to work. From day to day, the muscle corset is strengthened, and gradually a slender figure is formed by itself.

Skating is a great way to taller your chest. Riding promotes increased ventilation of the lungs. At the same time, the chest is straightened, which has an excellent effect on the aesthetics of the body – the stoop disappears, the chest is in an elevated state. It is enough just to correctly adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars.

The benefits of walking for body and soul depend on the accuracy of the choice of the model. Before buying, read the description of women’s bicycles, look at the photos, study the characteristics. The prices of the SportArm online store allow you to make purchases without overpayments.


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