Strict diets and grueling workouts aren’t the only way to lose weight. And they do not always help to remove fat deposits from problem areas. Often, excess weight goes away, but dissatisfaction with the figure remains. What to do in this case? specialists talk about how to achieve the best result.


How to get rid of the fat roll and get a flat stomach?

After losing weight, a small fat roll may remain, which prevents the stomach from looking flat. This is the very strategic reserve that the female body saves in case of a possible pregnancy. That is why getting rid of subcutaneous fat in this place is extremely problematic, but possible.

Try breathing exercises. For 10 minutes every day, do the exercise: first breathe in through your nose, “inflating your stomach” as much as possible, then exhale, but through your mouth, while folding your lips “into a tube” and pulling your stomach in. In addition to breathing exercises, aerobic types of workouts help burn excess volumes.

Running, step aerobics, cycling, dancing, badminton, squash, elliptical training, swimming, jumping rope, water aerobics, yoga – there are a lot of options. If the problem is that after giving birth or losing weight, there is a so-called apron made of skin on your stomach, you have only one way out – abdominoplasty, that is, the surgical removal of excess skin.

Do not try to burn off excess fat by pumping your abs diligently. On the contrary, if you overdo it, you will increase your waist in volume, which will make it appear wider and your belly larger.

How to remove stretch marks and cellulite on the thighs and buttocks

Another problem is cellulite and stretch marks, which tend to concentrate on the buttocks and thighs and are difficult to get rid of. Stretch marks most often appear with sharp fluctuations in weight, as well as after childbirth and as a result of hormonal disorders. If your stretch marks are up to 6 months old, try medium chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

If the stretch marks are quite old, you will not be able to completely get rid of them, but you can reduce their visibility, for example, using fractional photothermolysis. In the fight against cellulite, manual, hardware (LPC, cryolipolysis), cupping massages, algal and mud wraps, application of draining cosmetics with ivy, green coffee and hot pepper extracts have proven themselves well.

Another way to smooth out the orange peel is to do liposuction. This is a cardinal measure, and it will not suit everyone. During the operation, fat cells not only decrease in volume, as, for example, after ultrasonic cavitation, but are completely destroyed due to the mechanical effect of the cannula. This leads not only to a decrease in volume and getting rid of “fat traps”, but also to a significant reduction in unaesthetic bumps on the skin.

If the problem is not so pronounced and you only need to reduce the volumes, cavitation is fine. It is a non-surgical analogue of liposuction. Only a specialist will help to determine whether the procedure will be effective in your case. On you can sign up for cavitation, as well as consult with the best surgeons in Moscow.

Working on the back relief

Often the reason for dissatisfaction with this part of the body lies in the lack of muscle tone. How to make your back more prominent? First, stop slouching and watch your posture. Correct posture helps to strengthen muscles and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the spine. If you find it difficult to control yourself, you can get a special device, usually it is no more than a five-ruble coin in size. Attach the gadget to your back like a band-aid, and as soon as you start slouching, it will vibrate silently. Within a month, you will get used to keeping your back correct.

Also adjust your training plan. Add more strength exercises to strengthen your back. For example, bench press, lifting arms with weights, pulling to the chest on the upper 6lock, dumbbell rows in the slope. At home, you can do push-ups, and if there is a crossbar, pull-ups with a narrow and wide grip.

Tighten up saggy arms

The most serious problem is the loss of tone and elasticity of the skin of the shoulders. This is striking, especially if you have lost more than 10 kg. But if the skin does not sag very much, there is a chance to return the hands to their previous appearance with the help of massage, wraps, contrasting douches, cosmetics and physical activity.

When ptosis of the 2nd or 3rd degree is observed, simple means cannot be dispensed with. In such cases, hardware lifting is recommended. For example, radio frequency. Electromagnetic impulses act on fibroblasts, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated, elasticity returns.

When there is no hope for self-healing, they resort to brachioplasty. During the operation, excess skin is removed, thereby eliminating sagging. However, afterwards, a scar remains on the inner side of the shoulder from the elbow to the armpits.

How to remove a double chin and make your face slimmer

Here, the main “enemy” of many who have lost weight is a double chin. What if all other parts of the body are normal, but in the portraits you still look as if you have not lost your 10 or 20 kg? Try face gym. For example, according to the Joel Siocco method. There are many different exercises that can help you sharpen your face and make your double chin less noticeable.

Injections with special vitamin cocktails (biorevitalization) will help to activate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, this will make it more toned, and the hated crease under the chin will become much smaller.

Good results can be achieved if you train with a special double chin trainer. Many of those who purchased it write about inefficiency. In fact, they just misuse it. It is necessary not to squeeze the spring with the chin, but to open the mouth, pressing the lower jaw on the support pad. You need to train daily for 5 minutes. The first effect will be noticeable in 1.5-2 months, and then it will go on increasing. When you reach the desired result, you can train once a week.

If by nature you have a too round oval face or a square jaw, make-up will help you “lose weight”. To do this, you need powder in two shades – light (1-2 shades brighter than your natural skin tone) and dark (tan shade). Apply a light concealer to the very top of the cheekbones. In dark, work well under the cheekbone, go over the lower jaw, avoiding powder on the chin. And do not forget to shade everything well so that there are no noticeable borders.


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