Cocoa is an aromatic and tasty drink, an excellent alternative to coffee and tea. And if you want to pamper yourself or try something unusual, then prepare cocoa in an original way. We offer cool recipes.

Greetings from the tropics

If you don’t know how to make cocoa in an original and interesting way, then make an unusual tropical drink. And for this you need:

  • a tablespoon of classic cocoa powder (without sugar and other additives);
  • about 30 ml. coconut milk;
  • 200 ml. water;
  • a pinch of ground cinnamon;
  • three dates (pitted, large enough).

The preparation is simple:

  1. Peel the dates off. To facilitate and speed up this process, you can pre-pour the fruits with boiling water.
  2. Combine dates, coconut milk, powdered cocoa and cinnamon. Grind and beat all this in a blender. Then add water and continue whisking.
  3. Then heat the mixture over a fire so that it becomes hot enough, but not scalding.
  4. A flavored tropical-style drink is ready!

Mexican variant

If you want to warm up or just experience the thrill, then you will love and taste Mexican cocoa: hot, piquant and aromatic. And the list of components will be like this:

  • a heaping tablespoon of classic cocoa powder;
  • a full glass of milk;
  • two teaspoons of sugar (brown is better, but regular sugar is also fine);
  • a third of a teaspoon of vanilla extract (or a packet of natural vanillin);
  • a pinch of salt;
  • a pinch of ground cinnamon;
  • a pinch of ground chili, paprika, or cayenne pepper;
  • a pinch of nutmeg (optional)

Cooking steps:

  1. Pour milk into any thick-bottomed container, heat up to 50 degrees.
  2. Next, pour all the ingredients into the hot milk, while actively stirring everything with a whisk or spoon so that no lumps appear.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, cool to a comfortable temperature and enjoy the aromatic and passion-awakening Mexican cocoa!

Cocoa with liqueur

For a romantic evening, this option for making cocoa is ideal. Prepare:

  • a glass of milk;
  • a quarter cup of cream;
  • three tablespoons of powdered cocoa or about 30 grams of natural grated cocoa;
  • one to two teaspoons of sugar (to taste);
  • about 30-40 ml. nut, cream or chocolate liqueur (for example, “Amaretto”, “Baileys”).

Recipe description:

  1. Pour milk together with cream into a saucepan or other container and over low heat, stirring constantly and actively, bring to a boil.
  2. Then add the grated cocoa and stir it thoroughly until dissolved.
  3. Now add liqueur and sugar to the mixture, mix everything again or, better, whisk with a whisk.
  4. Your drink is ready!

Cocoa with pumpkin

This recipe is quite unusual, but you will surely like it. You will need the following components:

  • two glasses of milk (500 ml.);
  • five tablespoons of powdered classic cocoa (no added sugar);
  • 150 grams of pumpkin (best of all sweet, such as nutmeg);
  • a teaspoon of ground cinnamon;
  • a pinch of ground ginger root;
  • five tablespoons of brown sugar.

Instructions step by step:

  1. Peel the pumpkin of seeds and peel, cut it into any pieces and fill it with milk.
  2. Boil the pumpkin in milk in a thick-bottomed container until tender (softened).
  3. Add cinnamon, cocoa powder, sugar and ginger to the pumpkin milk. Cook all this together for another minute.
  4. Next, remove the container from the heat and grind its contents with a blender until smooth.
  5. Done, the pumpkin and cocoa can be served.

Banana cocoa

Such a drink can be prepared for children, for example, for an afternoon snack. List of products you need:

  • four full glasses of milk;
  • a quarter cup of powdered cocoa;
  • two bananas;
  • if desired, a little sugar (optional, because milk and bananas will give a light sweetness).

Preparing such a drink is extremely simple:

  1. Heat milk in any refractory and preferably thick-bottomed container.
  2. Pour cocoa into hot milk, heat mixture over low heat and bring to a boil, stirring constantly (to prevent cocoa from clumping).
  3. Next, peel the bananas and grind them in a blender until puree like a homogeneous state.
  4. Add banana puree to cocoa with milk, add a small amount of sugar if desired and whisk everything together with a blender.
  5. Offer the children a drink.

Cocoa more Canadian

It is not really a drink, but rather a cocktail that is pleasant to enjoy in the evenings. For cooking you need:

  • a glass of milk;
  • three tablespoons of maple syrup;
  • three tablespoons of dark rum;
  • chocolate syrup to taste (about a tablespoon);
  • marshmallow.

Process description:

  1. Heat the milk until it boils easily.
  2. Add cocoa syrup to boiling milk.
  3. Remove the mixture from heat, add rum to it, stir.
  4. Pour the cocktail into glasses, throw air marshmallows into each.

Caramel cocoa

This drink will definitely delight all those with a sweet tooth. First, prepare everything you need:

  • two glasses of milk;
  • 100 ml heavy cream (about 20% fat);
  • six tablespoons of unsweetened natural cocoa powder;
  • a quarter teaspoon of salt;
  • a quarter glass of sugar;
  • a little vanilla extract or a bag of vanillin.

For caramel:

  • two glasses of sugar;
  • 130-150 grams of butter;
  • 400 ml. milk.

All stages of the cooking process:

  1. So, make the caramel first. To do this, combine sugar with milk, cook this mixture until thickened and darkened, then add butter.
  2. Next, make your own cocoa drink. It’s simple: dissolve the powder in milk, put the mixture on fire and boil, then add salt with vanilla and keep it on fire a little more. Add cream, stir.
  3. Then pour the caramel into the hot cocoa and immediately serve the finished drink to the table. If desired, you can decorate it with chocolate chips or airy marshmallows.

Do you like the recipes? Be sure to try them, treat your guests and friends and share your impressions!


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