Autumn is the season for a rich harvest. It is at this time that an excellent opportunity appears to enrich the body with useful substances contained in autumn products.

Which of them are the most useful, we will tell further.

For good health

Autumn gifts will not only help improve health and get a portion of vitamins, but also prevent blues. What seasonal products should you pay attention to?


Each of its varieties has its own special taste and incredible aroma. And also a huge number of useful properties. Vitamins A and T have powerful antioxidant effects and help remove waste products from the body.

Despite the sweet taste, the pulp of this vegetable does not at all increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, which means it can become a full-fledged product of the menu of patients with diabetes mellitus.

The most traditional options for its preparation are casseroles, pies and sweet cereals. For something a little more special, try the pumpkin puree latte.


She is often undeservedly forgotten. This fruit contains a large amount of pectin, which acts as a thickener, so you can easily make jelly, jelly and even marmalade.

Due to its high iron content, quince is recommended for people with anemia, as well as during the recovery period after prolonged illness.

Rose hip

The usual decoction of these fruits is a real storehouse of vitamins, and helps to cope with the relief of symptoms during colds, and also has a tonic effect.

Infusion of dried rose hips strengthens blood vessels and enhances the process of tissue regeneration.


They are especially useful for those whose work is related to mental work, since they contain iodine, which is also useful for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

This product will not be superfluous for women who want to have beautiful hair and nails, because it contains vitamin E, which is considered a beauty vitamin.

But you should not get carried away with nuts, because they are high in calories. The norm per day is only 5 pieces.


It is not in vain that it got on our list. After all, this simple and affordable berry is the first assistant in the cold and cold season to strengthen the body. Fruit drink and cranberry syrup are often used to treat colds and improve performance.

It does not lose its beneficial properties when stored properly. When preparing fruit drink, it is important to fill the berries with warm water, not boiling water.

You should not use cranberries for those who have liver disease.


This simple root vegetable contains a lot of iodine, which means it can help in the fight against autumn blues and bad moods. With only 40 kcal, this vegetable is one of the most easily absorbed by the body.

Moreover, eating beets is useful both raw and thermally processed. But do not limit yourself to a side dish of boiled grated vegetable or adding it to borscht.

Beetroot juice can become a natural color, and grilled chunks are a great addition to steaks and steaks.


They are called longevity vegetables. And all because the rich composition helps the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system.

Ripe fruits contain fiber and pectin. The latter helps to get rid of bad cholesterol and improve the digestion process.

These simple products are an excellent basis for creating a new autumn menu that will delight you not only with taste, but also bring tangible benefits.


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