Smoke is never harmless. The smog we will talk about today is also hazardous to health. Therefore, after hearing about its exceeded concentration or seeing a haze creeping over the city, it is important to take simple measures that will help you protect yourself.

Insidious enemy

There can be several reasons for the appearance of smog. In dry, calm weather, it can be provoked by emissions into the atmosphere of cars, industrial facilities, and forest fires.

Such a haze is very dangerous for the human body, because it contains a large amount of harmful combustion substances: salts of heavy metals, ozone, sulfur, carbon.

And if there is no wind outside that would help active air circulation, then all these substances soar in the middle layers of the atmosphere, and people have to breathe them. This can lead to the development of various diseases of the respiratory tract, liver, kidneys and even the brain.

So that you can protect yourself from such exposure, we have prepared some important tips:

  1. Close windows. Remember that mosquito nets and other handy tools are not a barrier to smog entering your home. If you have an air conditioner, don’t be afraid to use it. Many modern models are equipped with an air purification function, which means that such a device will be more reliable than open windows.
  2. Minimize exits to the street. If there is no way to do this, then you need to stock up on a protective mask. It will become especially effective if it is wet. Also, try to talk less on the street.
  3. Gargle. This should be done after each going outside. You can use a solution of water with soda and a few drops of iodine. Local water-based antiseptics will also work.
  4. Wet cleaning. Do it daily to remove any trapped smog particles that have entered your home.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids. It protects the body from dehydration and makes it possible to quickly remove accumulated toxins by improving kidney function. You can use both pure water without gas, and milk / fermented milk drinks, juices. But it is better to refuse sweet soda.
  6. Proper nutrition. It is worth including in the diet vegetables and fruits that have a slight diuretic effect – watermelon, parsley, celery, cucumbers. It is also important not to forget about foods high in vitamin A – raspberries, apricots, butter, cottage cheese, eggs.

To protect the respiratory system, it will not be superfluous to drink alkaline mineral waters. Beets, apples, beans, and fiber-rich bran will help establish an effective intestinal barrier.

If you start to feel chest pain, shortness of breath, notice the appearance of obvious shortness of breath, be sure to seek medical help.


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