The human body is a special mechanism capable of regulating all processes occurring in it. Physical activity forces him to work in an enhanced mode, consuming reserve energy reserves.

After such training, you definitely need a rest. But it must also be correct. We will tell you further how to recover your strength after training.

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Soreness in muscles after exercise is due to the production of cortisol, which partially destroys muscle fibers.

She can accompany a person for several days, paired with apathy. All this is evidence that the body has not yet recovered.

How can you help him?

The recovery process is divided into four stages:

  1. Fast. The first half hour after loading. To quickly replenish the supply of strength, the body requires food, provoking hunger.
  2. Slow motion. This is the period of intracellular regeneration and assimilation of nutrients that are ingested with food. They are the building blocks for muscles.
  3. Supercompensation. Lasts from the third to the fifth day. During this period, preparation for the following loads takes place.
  4. Delayed recovery. If a person refuses to exercise after the supercompensation phase, then all systems are restored to their original state, which was before the training. That is why consistency is important.

How is it possible to help yourself during such periods?


It must be complete, at least 8 hours. If you have not been able to get enough sleep at night, then be sure to go to bed during the day.

If after intense exercise it is not easy to fall asleep, then it is worth eating foods rich in tryptophan and melatonin the day before. For example, turkey or pumpkin seeds.

Cold baths

Beginners are advised not to completely immerse themselves in cold water, but to limit themselves to waist-deep for 5-7 minutes (the water temperature should be 12-15 degrees). For experienced athletes, the time can be extended to 15-20 minutes with full immersion.

Such baths are effective immediately after exercise.

If it is not possible to carry out full-fledged cold procedures, you can limit yourself to dousing the lower body.

Food and water balance

Eating properly is important both before and after exercise. In 1-2 hours, you can quickly refresh yourself with 1 glass of plain yogurt and 1 glass of any berries, or eat a small portion of cereal with milk and ½ a banana.

But after a workout, it is very important to start replenishing water reserves. To do this, after 10 minutes, you need to drink enough liquid containing sodium and have a snack with foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

Throughout the day, you need to build your diet in such a way that it includes enough foods with a low glycemic index and rich in proteins.

This will help reduce inflammation, which means less pain and more muscle recovery.


One of the best ways to combine business with pleasure. Massage helps to improve blood flow and relax tense muscles, relieving swelling, promotes active lymph drainage and improves joint mobility.

But there is one important clarification: after class, you have only 15 minutes to start a session. Therefore, massage rooms are often located next to the halls.


A very effective folk method, which has been known for several hundred years. The principle is very simple: the body temperature rises under the influence of steam, blood flow increases, sweating is activated. This means that decay products are removed faster. And the body is getting into shape more actively.

Special drugs

Under the guidance of an experienced trainer and doctor, you can also get recommendations on taking special medications that will help you recover faster:

  • plastic – activate protein synthesis;
  • adaptogens – enhance resistance;
  • energy – help to more efficiently assimilate nutrients.

Experts also sometimes recommend putting on compression garments immediately after training. Especially for girls and guys who have a tendency to have varicose veins. Such underwear helps to reduce discomfort in the legs and prevent blood stagnation.

Heavy training is stressful for the body. And so that they do not become the reason for a lack of motivation for further training, it is very important to follow simple rules that will help you get through the recovery process more easily.


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