Makeup is every woman’s magic wand. Skillfully applied, it is able to highlight the merits and reliably hide the flaws. Today we will share with you the current trends of the 2020 winter make-up. They promise to be both humble and very extravagant.

Classics or Experiments?

New trends surprise and break stereotypes about restrained colors for the cold season. But restraint can also be found here.


Bright orange, raspberry, lemon, turquoise are in fashion. In order for the shade to be saturated and not lose its original appearance, stylists recommend using products with a dense texture – eyeliner, eye markers, cream shadows, mascara.

These can be arrows for the entire eyelid, short but wide arrow corners, colored eyelashes and even voluminous strokes that reach the eyebrows. Geometry and abstraction are also welcome.


The trend is pink lipstick, blush and shadows. But there can be a maximum of two such gentle accents in the image – light peony lips and light blush, or smokey ice in a dusty pink color and translucent lips.

The main task in this case is not to overdo it, so as not to become like a doll. For this, it is better to leave eyelashes without mascara, and eyebrows without a pencil, and give preference to a light, inconspicuous tone for the face.


This trend migrates from season to season, and in 2020 its main emphasis will shift from the traditional thin arrows in favor of bold lines. To make the makeup not too rough, make-up artists recommend drawing thin arrows and adding volume with the help of shadows.

If you want to experiment, then try lining only the lower eyelid, creating the effect of a cat’s eye. In this case, you can use colored eyeliner.


If earlier they tried to remove them using all sorts of methods (sometimes openly barbaric), now freckles are a real trend.

You can create them using self-tanning or henna. In this case, the tone of henna should be the lightest, and self-tanning – the darkest. The product should be applied on the face as a point, leave for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

If you want to save time, then choose special transferable tattoo freckles.


Top makeup artists recommend stocking up on glitter in any form. If you want to give your makeup a little shine, then opt for a creamy, glittery eyeshadow that can be used on the eyes and also as a bronzer for the cheekbones.

For those who find this not enough, they can use a friable remedy. To make it look good on your eyes, you must first apply the base.

Spider legs

If once abundantly applied mascara and undivided eyelashes were considered bad manners, then in the winter 2020 season they are considered a fashionable chip.

This is one of the ways to emphasize the eyes, and although it seems strange to many, everything has a place to be.

If you want to look special, you should choose colored mascara for this technique. White, yellow, blue will look very fashionable.


Nude is still relevant in makeup. And if someone thinks that this is the easiest option of all, they are very mistaken. Making the perfect and most inconspicuous make-up is not easy.

Choose a lipstick close to the natural shade of the lips, correctly style the eyebrows with an invisible gel, apply a translucent tone that gives a glow to the skin of the face, and tint the eyelashes quite a bit. You can add a slight blush, it is also in fashion.

This make-up is the perfect partner for conspicuous and eccentric bows.

“Berry” lipstick

Make-up artists assure that it suits everyone. Ripe cherries will be especially popular in winter. But as for textures, you can choose light halftones or a dense coating (matte lipsticks are especially great for this). Particularly brave girls can complement them with a little glitter.

Also, make-up artists pay attention to the fact that clear makeup lines are gradually losing ground. Therefore, slightly shaded lip edges are exactly what you need. The main thing is that it looks neat.

Winter is not a reason to be depressed and deny yourself pleasure. Try new makeup techniques, mix colors, find your perfect products, and be irresistible.


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