Fashionable manicure has its own characteristics in each season. And today we will share with you the current trends of winter 2020 to make your nails look attractive.

Seasonal trends

With the advent of the cold season, most nail masters prefer a laconic design, pastel shades and a small number of combined shades.

Top colors for winter will be light pink, nude, mint, pearl, ash gray. Monochrome and purple are still in vogue.

Bright colors are also welcome, especially when it comes to festive manicure. In this case, you should choose cold red, burgundy, marsala, raspberry.

The brown coating, complemented by glitter, is also in trend.

Neil art

Love traditional winter motifs – snowflakes, Christmas hats, snowmen and Christmas tree decorations? Then nothing will stop you from enjoying such art. And if you don’t want to get attached to the New Year’s theme, then you should pay attention to a few more relevant ideas:

  1. Marble. In combination with a nude base, it looks cool enough, but stylish.
  2. Portraits. The main and most complex pattern for this winter will be images of girls’ faces. Filigree work requires attention and precision, but the result will amaze with its beauty.
  3. Volume. Do you want to warm up? Then sculpt to match the patterns of your warm sweater or the quilted version of Chanel.
  4. Scandi. The Scandinavian style continues to hold its leading position. Clear geometry, braided patterns, neat monograms remind of the cold Scandinavian countries and the warm hearts of their inhabitants.
  5. Prints. The red and black check is so similar to the colors of warm blankets and stripes of various lengths and thicknesses – something that will look very harmonious in the cold season.

For women who love bright accents, the masters offer all the same topical animal print. To make it an accent, do not overdo it. Decorating one or two nails with such a pattern will be enough. And with the help of modern slider designs, you can easily do it all yourself.

Young girls may also like the image of bright and perky cartoon characters, short slogans, negative space.

  • Active decor. Luxurious play of rhinestones and stones is a fashion trend this winter. It looks gorgeous on a matte finish in black, red, purple.

By the way, a combination of pebbles and a classic jacket, a light ombre or even rub in and sparkles will not be considered a sign of bad taste. Rather, the opposite is true.

  • Geometry. Such a design, although it looks quite strict, is still not devoid of its zest. You will definitely be known as a fashionista if gold or silver stripes and geometric shapes in various positions appear on your nails.

Such a manicure is perfect even for the image of a business woman.

  • Minimalism. As they say, nothing more. Refinement, sophistication, the minimum amount of shades and decor. The base tone of the varnish can be not only nude, but the choice of patterns is limited to neat dots, drops, thin stripes.

A beautiful manicure is an indispensable element of a harmonious look. Choose ideas that you like and enjoy the original design.


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