The secret of perfect make-up lies in three important points: the condition of the skin, the quality of cosmetics and the right brushes for applying it.

Sometimes the make-up artists themselves recommend abandoning the latter in favor of applying funds with your fingers, but this method, although it is faster, is, unfortunately, far from the most hygienic. Therefore, today we will talk about what tools for applying cosmetics must be in your cosmetic bag.

Important helpers

Make-up is as much a necessary daily ritual for a woman as, for example, shaving for a man. Therefore, make-up artists recommend equipping your cosmetic bag with basic positions, which should always be at hand.

When choosing brushes, it is important to pay close attention to their nap. Synthetic ones are inexpensive, but their peculiarity is that such fiber immediately gives off all the pigment, so it will be more difficult to correct makeup. Natural bristles retain cosmetics inside, giving them away gradually, and making it possible to create a more natural effect.

The best option for neat makeup application is the tapered bristle tips for smooth lines.

And now, in fact, about what is a must-have.


The beveled and flat shape is used for mixing dry correctors and correcting facial contours. To do this, you need to draw in the cheekbones, and darken the area under them, the wings of the nose and the area on the chin with the corrector.

An important point in this case is to shade everything well.

Flat top

With its help, a tonal agent is applied. This tool is easy to recognize thanks to its flat shape. With its help, the foundation will be applied in an even and dense layer, without creating streaks and stripes. And the shape itself contributes to painting over all wrinkles and folds, which allows you to hide minor imperfections.

To get the perfect tone, you need to move from the center of the face to the edge. And don’t forget to blend in to the neck to avoid creating a mask effect.

For concealer

It is small, flat and has slightly rounded villi borders. As for the density, it is important to choose an average value in order to avoid injury to the skin under the eyes.

In addition, such a brush will become an indispensable assistant in masking various rashes. After all, applying concealer with your fingers in this case is fraught with the aggravation of the problem.

For blush

It can also be used for blush and bronzer. But it is very important to choose the right thickness and stiffness. If in the arsenal of your cosmetic bag there are mainly bright tones of blush, then choose a softer bristle so that the intensity of the shade does not exceed the expected result.

For more neutral tones of bronzer and blush, you can purchase a harder and larger tool.

To get the effect of volume, it is worth applying the funds in the form of the number three, moving from the temple to the cheekbone, and then making a neat curl along the edge of the face to the chin.

For eyebrows

Correct eyebrow architecture is an important make-up point. Therefore, stocking up with a special brush will not be superfluous. One side of it has a beveled end, and the other can be in the form of a brush for combing.

Makeup artists start by combing, then carefully paint over the spaces with a pencil, and then apply shadows.

For shadows

It is similar in shape to a concealer brush but smaller. Firstly, with its help it will be possible to apply shadows more delicately, without damaging the delicate skin of the eyelids, secondly, the pile does not absorb shadows as much as a foam applicator, and thirdly, it does not allow the product to crumble so much.

Makeup brushes are not at all a luxury in a women’s cosmetic bag, but a necessity that will allow you to create a neat make-up and extend the shelf life of your favorite products, preventing germs from getting into them from your hands.

The only rule to remember is to clean your instrument on time. Be beautiful!


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