There can be many reasons for headaches. Most often, such a nuisance overcomes with pressure drops, changeable weather, stress and tension. In such cases, do not rush to grab the first-aid kit, because there are natural analgesics that can significantly improve your condition.

A delicious alternative to pills

Food is not just a tool for satisfying hunger. The specific chemical composition of each product has a significant effect on the body and its condition. Which of them can help eliminate a headache? Let’s find out.


No matter how trite it may sound, but sometimes the cause of unpleasant sensations is dehydration. Just one glass of pure water or with the addition of a lemon wedge can be a great helper.

And don’t forget the importance of prevention. Minimum 1 liter. water per day should become the norm for consumption.

Black tea

Necessarily sweet. After all, it is the combination of black tea and sugar that promotes the release of catechins – substances that have an antispasmodic effect. And by adding lemon or mint, you will also get a calming effect in addition.


This root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps improve blood circulation. Ginger tea is an effective remedy even for the prevention of migraines. At the first symptoms, it is recommended to drink a cup of an aromatic drink, and the pain will no longer bother you so much.


In addition to their high water content, berries also contain elements that convert into nitric oxide. And he, in turn, perfectly prevents painful sensations.

Pumpkin seeds

Dilated vessels are a frequent companion of headache. Magnesium is needed to bring them back to normal. It acts on the muscles of the vascular walls, maintaining their optimal tone.

It’s not for nothing that magnesium is often included in pain relievers.

Fatty fish

Its main component is omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These substances will not only help relieve painful sensations, but, if taken regularly, can even reduce the frequency of attacks.

From the available options, you can always choose inexpensive products – herring, sardines, mackerel, or more expensive types such as salmon, trout, tuna.

Dairy products

Several medical studies have confirmed the link between chronic pain and a lack of calcium in the body. Particular attention was paid to the appearance of the so-called “hungry” pains that appear during long breaks between meals.

And a lack of calcium can provoke an increase in pressure, in which headaches are a common symptom.

Important sources of calcium, known to all, are milk and dairy products.

Whole Grain Products

Oatmeal, millet, buckwheat, wholemeal baked goods – they all contain B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the nervous system, helping it cope with stress and overwork. And they are often the cause of poor health.

In addition, they contain fiber, which is necessary for normal digestion.

baked potato

This is exactly the case when it is tasty and healthy. One baked root vegetable contains 3 times more potassium than a whole banana. And potassium, as we already know, is one of the first assistants in the elimination of pain.

Caffeine-containing foods

Coffee in this list, of course, has a leading role. But tea, cocoa, hot chocolate and the chocolate bar itself with a high content of cocoa beans can also help out.

Caffeine is also found in colas, energy drinks and mate – Paraguayan tea.

If you are often bothered by headaches, you should see a doctor, and also keep a diary in which you need to write down what foods you consumed. After all, some of them can be real provocateurs. For example, alcohol, smoked meats, aged cheeses, pickles.


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