When summer is in full swing, you really want to go to the beach and look perfect! But what if the appearance is spoiled by pimples? They can be masked even before visiting the beach.

How to mask acne before going to the beach?

So how can you disguise acne to look stunning and sparkle on the beach? To do this, follow the recommendations of the best makeup artists:

  1. Sunbathe and swim more! Yes, yes, this recommendation may seem strange, but it works. Sea water and sun literally work wonders. First, the heat opens the pores. Then you go swimming, and the water washes away all impurities from the open pores, and the salt, as an adsorbent, literally pulls them out. In addition, it has an antibacterial effect. A light tan after a dosed stay in the sun removes imperfections: dries pimples, evens out the tone.
  2. Use correctors that perfectly mask any blemishes, including acne. And the latter are handled by means of a green tint, on top of which you can apply an additional layer of skin tone or golden tone. The corrector is punctuated with fingertips into the areas of rashes, after which it is shaded well so that the masking remains invisible and does not stand out against the general background. It is also worth remembering that the products of this category, after complete drying, can oxidize and slightly change color towards darkening. To avoid such embarrassment, carefully consider the choice and be sure to try the appropriate option on your cheek, waiting for it to dry.
  3. When obvious defects are masked by the corrector, you can proceed to creating a tone. Use a lightweight, lightweight foundation that won’t mask and clog pores. Choose CC or BB cream, fluid foundation or mineral powder if your skin is oily. Such products are applied either with fingertips or with a sponge on the entire surface of the face and evenly distributed for an even tone.
  4. Apply light and natural makeup. On the beach, where people sunbathe, swim and enjoy relaxation, “war paint” or expressive evening make-up is completely inappropriate. So use a minimum of funds to even out the tone, hide blemishes and blemishes, and create a fresh look. All you need is a foundation, waterproof mascara and lip balm.
  5. Wear a wide-brimmed hat. Firstly, such a stylish and original accessory fits perfectly into a relaxed beach look and complements a swimsuit. Secondly, it will protect the skin from the scorching sun rays. Finally, thirdly, the hat will create a shadow on the face and thereby make pimples and other imperfections almost invisible.

Some helpful tips

Finally, some useful tips to help you look luxurious under any circumstances:

  • Use quality, waterproof makeup. Even if you are not going to dive headlong and get your head wet, your face can “leak” due to the thermal effects of the sun and the high temperature of the air. And in this case, the “disguise” will quickly melt and expose all skin imperfections.
  • Avoid diving and snorkeling if you have makeup on. Even waterproof cosmetics may not withstand the effects of seawater. After getting moisture on your face, your makeup is unlikely to look perfect, and pimples can become noticeable.
  • Apply an SPF moisturizing cream before leaving the house in summer. Such a care product will reliably protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent photoaging, as well as prevent the evaporation of moisture from the cells of the dermis under the influence of sunlight. If you do not moisturize and protect the skin, other problems will be added to acne: dryness, flabbiness, flaking, lifelessness, and decreased turgor.
  • Before masking, inflammations are certainly treated with antiseptic agents, for example, lotions, and this prevents tissue infection and the spread of pathological processes. But do not use overly aggressive formulations so as not to dry out the skin (in the sun it already suffers from drying out). But the sores before applying correctors and tonal means are softened with petroleum jelly or cosmetic oil so that they do not rise above the level of the skin and do not stand out. On open wounds, decorative cosmetics are not applied until complete healing.
  • It is great if the composition of the care, corrective or decorative product contains hyaluronic acid, which stops the aging process, restores elasticity (due to the natural stimulation of the synthesis of natural elastin and collagen), and also provides deep hydration and preservation of moisture in the cells.
  • After being on the beach, be sure to apply a moisturizer. And wash off your makeup as soon as you get home. For these purposes, it is best to use micellar water.
  • If you go to the beach to sunbathe alone and take some cool photos, then you don’t need to mask pimples at all. It is enough to turn the “right” side, find a good angle and use lighting and shadow wisely, which can be created with a hat, umbrella or with your own hand.
  • Always keep matting wipes in your purse to remove excess skin secretions and ugly shine, as well as cosmetics that can treacherously flow at any time.

Worried about acne and don’t want to go to the beach for that reason? Now you know how to disguise this defect and look stunning. Follow the tips from the article, and imperfections will not spoil your mood and appearance!


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