Homemade cakes are special. After all, it is imbued with true love and made with a soul. It is very pleasant to treat relatives and guests with such a delicacy, hearing words of praise in response. Today we offer you to replenish your piggy bank with an excellent apple cookie recipe.

For the most beloved

Apples are a simple, but at the same time, unique fruit. It contains a huge amount of nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

For example, the fiber that is part of their composition will perfectly cope with the feeling of hunger. It is not for nothing that the fruits are recommended as a snack. Pectin has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, and for children, these fruits are important because of the sufficient amount of iron.

This fruit is very popular in cooking. At least because you can find it at any time of the year. This means that you can always please your family with homemade cakes. It turns into a very delicate and soft filling for baking, as well as a great addition to highlight the taste of fish and meat dishes. But today we are talking about sweet things.

Delicious cookies are very easy to make. Check out our recipes and see for yourself.


In just 30 minutes, you have a great treat for the whole family on your table. Soft and aromatic. Required products:

  • flour – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • baking powder – 1 tsp;
  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • butter – 70 g;
  • apples – 2-3 pcs.;
  • cover;
  • sugar.

Beat eggs with sugar, pour in melted and slightly cooled butter. If you don’t have a mixer at hand, it’s okay, try to gently grind the ingredients with a spoon. Gradually adding flour, mixing it with cinnamon beforehand, knead into a soft dough.

Peel the fruit, chop and add to the base. Form balls, press down, put on a baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

With oatmeal

This is a real treat for vegetarians and those who keep fit. After all, all the products in this baking are of plant origin. An excellent option for a pleasant tea drinking and a healthy snack. You will need:

  • apple – 1 pc.;
  • flour – ½ st .;
  • oatmeal – ½ tbsp.;
  • baking powder – ½ tsp;
  • vegetable oil – 30 ml;
  • nuts;
  • honey.

Mix flour, flakes and baking powder. Grate the fruit or grind in a blender, add vegetable oil, mix, and combine with flour mass. It remains to add the nuts and leave the dough for a quarter of an hour.

Then, having formed a cookie, bake for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown appears. For a change, you can always add dried fruit or coconut to the list of ingredients.

With cottage cheese

If you want the dessert to be not just tasty, but also healthy, then you should make pastries with cottage cheese. Children just adore her. And adults will definitely not give up this. You can serve it with any drink, be it tea, coffee, yogurt or kefir. Of the products you will need:

  • cottage cheese – 200 g;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • vegetable oil – 80 ml;
  • flour – 250-300 g;
  • apple – 1 pc.;
  • baking powder – 10 g.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly (after chopping the apple) or turn into a homogeneous mass using a blender. Using the molds, make the blanks, which then bake for 20 minutes.

With carrots

Another simple dietary dessert that doesn’t even need flour. Prepare:

  • oatmeal – 120 g;
  • apples – 2 pcs.;
  • carrots – 1 pc.;
  • butter – 1 tablespoon;
  • cover.

Flakes with a coffee grinder need to be turned into flour, mixed with mashed fruits, soft butter and cinnamon. The main task is to mix well so that the mass is homogeneous.

Put the formed biscuits on the deco and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

If for the first time the taste seems a little bland to you, next time you can safely add raisins, honey and your favorite spices.


An impeccable combination of taste and beauty, which even inexperienced housewives can cook. You will need:

  • puff pastry – 1 pack;
  • fruits – 5 pcs;
  • sugar – 3-4 tbsp;
  • sour cream – 2 tablespoons

For the filling, grate the peeled fruits, mix with sugar. Roll out the finished dough and cut into small triangles. Make two cuts on them with a corner, grease with sour cream, put on each filling and wrap with an overlap on both sides.

Bake until golden brown (about 20 minutes). Sprinkle with powder if desired.

Are you going to make apple biscuits? Then be prepared for the fact that its aroma will lead all family members into the kitchen. So, maybe cook two portions at once? Enjoy your meal!


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