Cabbage rolls are a tasty but difficult dish to prepare. If you want to enjoy it, but at the same time save time, choose the simplified so-called “lazy” cooking method that any housewife can handle. And there are different ways!

Method 1

Stuffed cabbage rolls are prepared simply and for a short time using the lazy method in a saucepan: such a dish is probably in every home. And the list of required ingredients is as follows:

  • half a kilo of minced meat (take whatever you like);
  • half a glass of rice;
  • a fourth of a medium-sized head of cabbage;
  • large onion;
  • a couple of large spoons of tomato paste;
  • three cloves of garlic;
  • vegetable oil;
  • 170-200 ml of water;
  • egg;
  • favorite spices of your choice;
  • salt.

Recipe description:

  1. Prepare the rice: it must be thoroughly rinsed and cooked over low heat for ten minutes. until half cooked (it will finally be cooked in the process of processing the stuffed cabbage themselves).
  2. Chop the cabbage, and then put in a bowl and cover with freshly boiled water for five minutes. After this period of time, drain the liquid, and squeeze the cabbage.
  3. Peel and chop the onion. Garlic is also peeled and crushed. Then all this is lightly sautéed until soft in a preheated skillet with butter.
  4. Get some minced meat. It must be combined with rice, softened cabbage, seasonings, fried garlic with onions, eggs and salt. Stir all components to achieve a uniform consistency.
  5. Prepare the pot. In order to avoid sticking of cabbage rolls, it must be smeared with oil.
  6. From minced meat, combined with other components, form balls or cakes, put them in a saucepan, leaving small spaces between them.
  7. Dissolve tomato paste with a little salt and seasoning in water. Your cabbage rolls will be stewed in this liquid, so pour it into a saucepan.
  8. Place the filled saucepan over low heat and simmer the cabbage rolls until cooked through (about fifty minutes).

Method 2

How to cook lazy cabbage rolls? This recipe involves cooking in a skillet. Here’s what you need:

  • 600 g minced meat;
  • 120 grams of rice (it is better to use round grain, but any will do);
  • 300 g white cabbage;
  • two juicy tomatoes;
  • two heads of onions (can be replaced with white or purple);
  • two eggs;
  • butter;
  • water;
  • ground pepper with salt (according to your taste).

Cooking step by step:

  1. After rinsing the rice very thoroughly, start cooking. Simmer it for about ten minutes so that it remains slightly harsh (the cereal will reach the desired consistency in the following steps).
  2. Finely chop the cabbage, and do the same with the onion after peeling it. The garlic is peeled and crushed in any way.
  3. Heat the oil well in a skillet and fry the onion and cabbage in it. Add garlic at the end. Do not fry everything for a long time, you just need to soften the food slightly.
  4. Slightly undercooked rice is combined with minced meat, an egg, fried onions with cabbage and garlic, as well as ground pepper and salt are added here. Stir everything thoroughly.
  5. Now pour more oil into the pan (you do not need to pour out the residues after frying vegetables) and heat it up. Form lazy cabbage rolls with your own hands and fry them on 2 sides over low heat.
  6. While the cabbage rolls are fried, cut the tomatoes into small cubes.
  7. Dissolve some salt in water. Pour it into a skillet with cabbage rolls, add chopped tomatoes there.
  8. Under the lid, everything will be stewed for about half an hour. It will turn out very tasty!

Method 3

You can make stuffed cabbage rolls in a lazy way and in the oven. First, prepare all the components you need:

  • 700 g of absolutely any minced meat;
  • 400 g white cabbage;
  • 150 g of rice;
  • one carrot;
  • large onion;
  • two ripe large tomatoes;
  • two eggs;
  • a couple of tablespoons (tablespoons) of flour;
  • 700 ml of water;
  • three large spoons of tomato paste;
  • three or four cloves of garlic;
  • about 30 ml of vegetable oil;
  • a teaspoon of sugar;
  • spices and salt.

Process description:

  1. The first step is preparing the cabbage. Chop it finely with a knife. Next, pour the chopped cabbage for fifteen minutes with boiling water: this way it will soften and reach the consistency you need. If the cabbage is hard, then you can boil it for just a minute.
  2. Peel the garlic with onions: chop the onion, and chop the garlic as you like. Rinse the carrots thoroughly, peel and grate if necessary with a medium grater. Peel the tomatoes after scalding with boiling water, puree in a meat grinder, food processor or blender.
  3. Then fry the onions and carrots in well-heated oil for three minutes, and then add the garlic and fry for another minute. Now lay out the tomato puree with tomato paste, and after two minutes add sugar and spices with salt to your taste. Simmer everything until completely done, that is, the softness of all vegetables.
  4. Take rice: it needs to be washed very well in cold water, and then boiled, but not completely (after boiling, it will cook for ten minutes).
  5. After soaking in boiling water (or boiling), squeeze the cabbage and combine with minced meat, boiled rice and an egg. Stir everything, adding salt and spices to your taste.
  6. Prepare a baking sheet and coat with oil to protect it from burning. From minced meat mixed with rice and other ingredients, sculpt balls or tortillas (as you like), put them in a mold. Now pour your finished gravy on top.
  7. It remains to send a baking sheet for forty minutes to an oven preheated to 180 degrees.
  8. That’s it, homemade lazy cabbage rolls are ready to serve!

Method 4

Treat yourself or loved ones with delicious and delicious lazy cabbage rolls in sour cream sauce! And for such a culinary masterpiece you will need:

  • 400 g minced meat;
  • 100 g of rice;
  • 200 g of white cabbage;
  • large onion;
  • egg;
  • flour for breading;
  • 250 ml of fat sour cream;
  • a few cloves of garlic;
  • vegetable oil for frying;
  • salt with spices.

The process is as follows:

  1. Grind cabbage together with peeled onions in any way, for example, in a blender (the pieces should be very small).
  2. After thoroughly rinsing the rice in cold water, cook for ten minutes (it should not be completely soft).
  3. Combine minced meat with rice, cabbage and onions, egg and spices with salt. Strive for a uniform mass.
  4. Heat vegetable oil. Form the cabbage rolls one at a time, bread in flour and fry on 2 sides.
  5. Peel and grind the garlic, add to the sour cream along with salt.
  6. Pour the cabbage rolls with sour cream and garlic sauce, simmer under the lid for half an hour.

As you can see, you can cook lazy stuffed cabbage rolls without problems, quickly enough and, what is important, very tasty. Choose the recipe you like and practice to delight household members and guests with the considered dish.


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