The modern dynamic rhythm of life requires from a person maximum concentration and minimum time spent on daily household processes. Fortunately, technological progress has presented us with a large amount of equipment for this. One of them is a microwave oven, with the help you can reheat food in a matter of seconds.

Today we will tell you how to do this without harming your health.

Kitchen assistant

It turns out that not everyone knows the rules for using a microwave. And in order to rectify this situation, we decided to conduct a short educational program.

  1. It is recommended to cover liquid dishes (porridge, soup, milk) with a lid. Thus, you will save time cleaning the inner walls and the bottom of the microwave.
  2. Cereal porridge and pasta must be moistened before heating. This can be done by adding a little water. This will help prevent the food from becoming a sticky lump.
  3. If you are heating large pieces, move them towards the center of the plate, where the greatest amount of heat is concentrated.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to put food wrapped in foil inside. At a minimum, this can cause an undesirable reaction in the form of sparks, and often disable the equipment along with the wiring. The same goes for iron objects (forks, spoons) and utensils with gold trim or patterns.
  5. Manufacturers allow the use of a large number of containers for heating food in the microwave. But recent medical research confirms that even food grade plastic is unhealthy. As a result of exposure to microwave radiation, it begins to release hazardous chemicals (such as phthalates). Their ingestion is fraught with problems with the reproductive system, pressure and brain function.

That is why glass is the ideal dish.

A simple process of heating food in the microwave that does not require special knowledge and skills, it turns out, must also be correct. Indeed, our health often depends on compliance with the rules. Be careful!


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