The issue of getting rid of excess weight is relevant in all ages, because food for the body is a vital necessity. True, in a much smaller volume than most of our compatriots can afford. Especially popular and advertised are methods that promise to quickly and effortlessly lose those extra pounds.

To “eat up” fat, we make daily efforts, sitting down at the table several times a day, snacking on the run, and we want to get rid of it instantly by taking a “magic pill”. Demand creates supply. And now a wide variety of “weight loss experts” are actively imposing diets on us, most of which do not bring the desired effect.

For example, a soda diet. Many have heard about the use of soda for weight loss, so let’s try to figure out whether it is necessary to try this technique on ourselves. First of all, we note that there are two ways to use it:

  • inside, in the form of a solution;
  • outwardly, in the form of a bath.

Both methods have the right to life and can even be beneficial, but they will not help to lose weight! Moreover, a concentrated solution is harmful, and a weak one is useless.

Sodium carbonate

This is the name of soda, which is not a natural substance, but is produced industrially. It is a baked mixture of chalk, Glauber’s salt and charcoal. Previously, for its production on a smaller scale, seaweed ash was used, which gave the status of an environmentally friendly product.

Sodium carbonate has fat dissolving properties, which are effectively used to create detergents such as gels and laundry detergents. However, fat on a plate and fat in the body are, you see, completely different things.

5interactions with the body

How is it recommended to take baking soda inside? Half an hour before a meal, dissolving half a teaspoon of the substance in a glass of warm water. In some recipes, lemon is added to enhance the effect. What is the result?

First, it is impossible to dissolve sodium carbonate. Its suspension remains in the water, which, getting into the stomach, interacts with gastric juice. As a result of the reaction, the acidity decreases, the soda is neutralized and decomposed into components.

Fats that enter the stomach with food do not react in any way to decay products, because they are absorbed in the intestines. As a result, apart from lowering acidity, we get nothing from a diet on soda.

The external way of using sodium carbonate can be considered more successful. These are soda-salt baths. But even here, soda does not have a leading role in the process of losing weight, since a positive result is achieved by acting on the body of three components:

  • sea ​​salt;
  • soda;
  • high temperature.

The bath effect allows you to lose moisture, not fats. Up to two kilograms during the first procedure, up to a kilogram with each subsequent one, but as soon as the excess moisture is gone, weight loss will stop. However, these few kilograms will not drastically change the appearance and will quickly recover.

The most harmless disadvantages of both internal and external use of soda for weight loss, first of all, wasted time and unjustified hopes.

What is the danger?

With the lack of success, everything is clear. And what harm can be done to health by taking soda on an empty stomach and before meals, or in the form of baths? There are contraindications for taking sodium carbonate, which should be familiarized with before starting the experiment. Soda diet is not recommended:

  1. Cancer patients.
  2. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  3. Women during pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Anyone with stomach ailments.

The constant intake of soda solution regularly reduces acidity and disrupts the digestive process, can cause convulsions. After such a diet, acidity can completely change.

Salts formed during the breakdown of sodium carbonate have a detrimental effect on the kidneys. The mucous membrane of the stomach is harmed, the duodenum suffers. With the initial absence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the likelihood of their occurrence is high.

And the result of a soda diet can be long, expensive, and difficult treatment. You can not take baths for those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  1. People with hypertension.
  2. For hypotonic patients.
  3. In the presence of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Maybe you should choose another method, less dangerous and more gentle? Indeed, in the pursuit of losing extra pounds, you can lose what you can’t get for any money – health.

What are the positives?

Where there are downsides, there are always upsides. The use of baking soda gives positive results, but not in weight loss. And not in concentrated form, but as weak solutions. According to research conducted by scientists in the twentieth century, it was found that sodium carbonate is useful:

  1. As a solution for gargling the mucous throat, as soon as the first symptoms of cough appear.
  2. For rinsing the nose at the initial stage of a cold.
  3. With pulmonary edema.
  4. To take the patient out of shock.
  5. If you have dandruff and dry scalp.
  6. As a remedy for headaches and migraines.
  7. From sunburn.
  8. When removing worms.
  9. For constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Therefore, use baking soda as our grandmothers, for gargling, and not in order to get a slim figure. New sensational methods of losing weight should be treated with caution and humor. And as a substitute, use decent, proven methods.


She is. The truth will have to work hard. Indeed, in life, all the best is obtained only with the help of work, perseverance and dedication. Do you want to lose weight? What does soda have to do with it?

Establish a diet that promotes calm, fractional and small portioned meals. Reconsider the diet, excluding all harmful and fat-forming. Clean water, vegetables and fruits.

Run in the morning, go to the gym or pool, and be outdoors more often. Be active and positive. Do not trust myths and advertising campaigns, but follow the logic!


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