We have been told about the benefits of morning exercises since childhood, campaigning for the inclusion of a small physical warm-up in the complex of mandatory procedures in the morning. Remember, as in Vysotsky:

“The breath is deep, the arms are wider,

Do not hurry. Three four!

Cheerfulness, grace and plasticity.

General strengthening, sobering in the morning,

If he is still alive – gymnastics! “

There is no dispute that for health and activity for many years, you need to be friends with physical education. An energetic sports morning has long become the norm for many people in Europe, America and Asia. How useful and effective are morning workouts that are more intense and longer than usual exercises, and who are they suitable for?

How to decide on a regime?

For professional athletes, this issue is solved simply, because training is a job for them. But what about amateurs? We all depend on external factors, so we choose the time for classes depending on the availability of free, regardless of the difference in opinions about the usefulness and harm of morning and evening workouts.

Our biorhythms also influence the scheduling. It’s hard to enjoy the morning process if you’re an “night owl” and want to sleep terribly. But for the “early bird” training in the early hours of the day is just the thing! Therefore, one should not exclude positive emotions from the components of the desired result.

Reduces the motivation of the need to adapt to others, exercising at an uncomfortable time of the day for the body. An important point for determining the regime is a clear definition of what goals a person sets for himself.

If you really want to adjust your weight, which is important for most of the population, then, of course, it is better to choose the morning hours. There is no unequivocal opinion on the priority of morning or evening workouts both among coaches and athletes and among doctors. Who and when is the best to train is decided individually, based on taking into account all the pros and cons.

Woke up and forward

Good morning to all the “larks” and those who have joined them! It is not difficult for you to start the day actively, for which you will get the following benefits from training, which will not be available to “owls”:

  1. The question “what else to eat” will lose its relevance. Scientists from the UK conducted a survey among fans of morning jogging, which are very popular in Europe and America. The result of the survey claims a decrease in appetite for almost the whole day, or a slight feeling of hunger. This supports the suggestion that intense morning exercise suppresses the production of hormones that cause increased appetite. With this training regimen, eating too much food will not threaten you.
  2. The fat accumulated by “overwork” will be better burned. Carbohydrates are burned first during exercise, and only then – fats, after twenty minutes. In order for the body to begin to fight fat, converting it into energy, you need at least forty minutes of training. Morning time will aid the process by cutting your workout in half. Our body actively consumes energy up to 17 hours, and subsequently the metabolism slows down, starting to accumulate fats and carbohydrates spent during the day.
  3. The risk of injury will be reduced. American scientists, observing athletes, revealed more intense muscle recovery and rapid heart rate normalization (20% of the evening). Fatigue from morning classes goes away sooner. Muscle fibers, as shown by the analysis, are minimally injured in the morning.
  4. In the evening, after a tiring day at work, there will be no need to “pull yourself together” and rush to class. Agree, not every athlete has enough willpower after work to go in for sports, go to the pool or gym. Only motivated and strong-willed persons are ready for evening classes. And jogging, for example, is associated with the morning, not the evening.
  5. You will be unfamiliar with problematic falling asleep after intense exercise. The evening procedure “turns on” the body so that after it you can toss and turn until the morning. It is better to devote the beginning of the day to energizing exercises than the hard overcoming of the consequences of not getting enough sleep with liters of coffee.
  6. Evening post-workout “zhor” will bypass you. Evening activities increase appetite, which is difficult to fight. For adherents of morning exercises, a “classic” glass of kefir is enough for a restful sleep.

Of course, this training regimen also has disadvantages. They are especially relevant for those who, by their nature, are not a “lark”, but by coincidence, joined them. There are little tricks you can use to negate the negative side of morning workouts. Take them into service:

  1. There is absolutely no time for a full breakfast! You have to get up early, which is already very difficult to do, and then there is the preparation of breakfast. But do not forget that training on an empty stomach can end in fainting. You can postpone it to a later time by replacing it with a cup of tea or coffee with a piece of chocolate. This will both invigorate and nourish the body with glucose. For a quick and easy snack, natural juices, bananas and dried fruits are good.
  2. Increased stress on the heart due to the density of blood, which is harder for the heart to pump. During the night, the blood thickens, since you were motionless and did not expend energy on burning the calories obtained from food, water did not enter the body. Replenish your fluid deficit by drinking one or two glasses of water and start exercising in ten minutes. Drink water that is not sweet and without gas. In general, the water balance in the body must always be observed, especially during physical exertion.
  3. It is very difficult to “start” the body, especially “owls”. Slow blood circulation and brain activity require a step-by-step careful approach to training. For beginner athletes, it is recommended to start classes with simple exercises, gradually increasing the load. Perhaps it will be walking, jogging or swimming. In the early days, a regular morning exercise is enough.

Cheerful start to the day

As you start the day, you will spend it. This truth has been tested over the years. A bright morning, charged with well-being and positive emotions, spent in an active training regime, will allow you to be in harmony with yourself and those around you all day.

The charge of cheerfulness is enough for work achievements and family, you can generously share it with friends. Constant morning sports activities will allow you to maintain flexibility and dexterity, fit and harmony for many years.


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