Eastern healing practices are very effective. And anyone who has ever been to a yoga class will confirm that it really helps to achieve spiritual balance, at the same time significantly improving the physical condition of the body.

A special kind of yoga is yoga nidra. Experts say that it will not only help you achieve complete relaxation, but also change your life. Let’s find out more about it.

Strain away!

The modern rhythm of life is very dynamic, and human capabilities of endurance, unfortunately, are not unlimited. That is why many are in constant stress and stress. But everyone knows that all this leads to serious health problems.

What to do? How to save yourself from overstrain? Of course, you can resort to traditional methods, such as going to the doctor, but you can learn safe, simple and effective methods of restoring mental health.

Yoga nidra became a follower of a practice called nyasa. It consisted in the fact that a meditating person had to first visualize a deity in front of him, and mentally send special mantras to his body. After that, the same thing had to be done in relation to myself.

It was believed that in this way a person became like a deity, and could even receive his special capabilities, thus removing the burden of problems from himself and gaining peace of mind. But such classes were within the power of everyone, and therefore, over time, yoga nidra appeared. It was developed by the famous teacher Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

How does the session take place?

The meditator should take the Shavasana pose (dead man’s pose) and relax the body as much as possible. The presenter begins to read the text, following which the person transfers consciousness to his own body, and gradually moves through it mentally, using the appropriate mantras.

This is how the deactivation of consciousness occurs, and the transition to an intermediate state between wakefulness and sleep. At such a moment, it may seem that the person is asleep, but in reality it is not.

“For and against”

Why is the transition to this state useful?

1. Partial blackouts help relieve tension, get rid of stress and negativity.

2. In such a state, there is an opportunity to find the causes of their problems, fears, illnesses or failures and ways to solve them. But yoga nidra is not hypnosis. During such meditations, a person retains willpower and does not give in to suggestion.

3. Plunging into a transitional state, a person also gets the opportunity to perform filtration. That is, to clear the brain and consciousness of unnecessary information.

4. The advantages of yoga nidra are also the ability to get rid of bad habits, diseases, as well as the development of creative skills and change of their own character traits.

The main thing that the specialists of oriental practices focus on is that fighting with oneself is very ineffective. It’s like dealing with windmills. For example, the constant struggle with excess weight, bad habits and no less harmful traits – greed or envy, only exhausting, without bringing any results. After all, feeling full, unhappy, sick, a person behaves like a complete, unhappy and sick.

Systematic yoga nidra practice gives you the opportunity to stop fighting, relax and listen to yourself. Balancing between sleep and reality, the practitioner gains access to the subconscious, which, unlike the mind, does not analyze, accept or refute.

Information received in this state is assimilated and perceived better. And half an hour of such exercises is equivalent to several hours of healthy sleep.

Among the disadvantages of this practice is a certain difficulty in execution. At first, beginners often fail to immediately enter the desired state. Sometimes they even fall asleep, because the brain receives the habitual signal “closed your eyes, so it’s time to sleep.”

To prevent this from happening, training and fixation of attention on the auditory channel of receiving information are needed. That is, you need to listen carefully to the presenter.

There are no contraindications to practicing yoga nidra, because they do not provide for power practices, suggestions and influence by attitudes.

To be able to achieve complete relaxation, yoga trainers recommend that beginners start with hatha yoga, which prepares the body and mind for further action.

It is always interesting and exciting to discover new possibilities for knowing your own body and mind, and yoga nidra will help you with this.


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