Health and beauty have always been and will be in trend. We admire antique statues in museums and admire the ideal bodies of our contemporaries. To have an attractive appearance, to arouse sympathy and disposition among others, to live in harmony with oneself, to maintain mental and physical activity for a long time – it is necessary to carry out constant work on self-improvement.

To achieve these goals, it is not necessary to visit expensive gyms. You can get what you want at home. The main desire. A large assortment of sports equipment is presented in any city in the country.


Dumbbells are a wonderful and affordable trainer for those who want to align posture, build muscle mass, or lose weight. They will also help to keep the figure in good condition. The inventory has a reasonable price, is easy to transport and does not take up much space in the apartment.

How to choose it correctly in order to achieve a positive result and not harm your health? The market is saturated with exercise equipment, but buying them should be thoughtful. Even ordinary dumbbells for training should be purchased in accordance with the tasks and taking into account the state of health.


First of all, a potential buyer is guided by their types, depending on the training goals. Everything is simple here. After all, there are only two types:

  • collapsible;
  • not collapsible.

The rest of the parameters are important, but secondary: weight with equipment, coating, price, condition of mechanisms, manufacturer and material from which the inventory is made.

Criterias of choice

Clearly formulated tasks will allow you to make the best choice.

  1. Collapsible dumbbells are perfect for building up strength indicators, since training takes place with a constant increase in load, which is achieved by adding pancakes. True, you will have to regularly unwind the dumbbells in order to gradually add them. This is a great choice for a beginner who doesn’t know his / her working weight. Often, beginners make the most common mistake when purchasing dumbbells with a fixed weight, forgetting that muscle hypertrophy at the initial stage requires a continuous increase in load.
  2. Non-collapsible dumbbells are good for keeping your body fit. They will help convert fat into muscle mass, convenient for cardio workouts where weight changes are not needed.

Even in the store, we advise you to repeat the exercise that you will do at home several times. If the weight of non-collapsible dumbbells does not suit you, causing difficulty in lifting them, then you should choose equipment with a lower weight. And vice versa. Easy reps require more dumbbell weights.

What else should you pay attention to?

Dumbbell pancakes can be of various types, but the defining indicator for them is the coating material. The most common pancake coatings are:

  • neoprene;
  • silicone;
  • rubber.

All of them are very aesthetic, pleasant to use and improve the appearance of the product. The coating has practically no effect on functionality, but adds mood and desire to exercise. A beautiful body must be done with a beautiful equipment! Silicone is ideal, but expensive.

Neoprene is comfortable, pleasant to the touch, but wears out quickly. Rubber in a combination of price and quality is leading, but it smells specifically. The budget option is the usual metal dumbbell pancakes. The choice depends only on your wishes and capabilities.

Dumbbell bars are important in the training process. Choose a diameter that is comfortable to hold the dumbbell in your hand. A snug fit of the hands will provide a concentration of thought on the technicality of the exercise performed, and not on the problem of holding the equipment in your hand. Convenient specimens with a rubberized overlay in the grip of the neck. They allow the hand not to slip. The neck of your choice should not make it difficult to buy new pancakes, having the optimal diameter.

Collapsible dumbbells offer the ability to add pancakes to increase weight, which means they are equipped with fasteners to fix them. To safely conduct training, when buying, pay attention to the fastening material and its strength.

Among the types of locks offered by manufacturers, the spring mechanism is considered the best. It allows you to securely fix increasingly heavy plates for a productive training process. Make your workouts safe at home!

For aerobic training, which the female part of the population is fond of, silicone dumbbells are used, or more affordable rubberized ones. They’re also good for cardio workouts. Here it is important to choose the right weight with which it is comfortable to carry out training, and additionally purchase fitness gloves. Do not neglect this advice, and then calluses and rough skin on your palms will not be scary to you. In addition, gloves will prevent inventory from slipping.

With a clear statement of tasks and goals that you are trying to achieve, taking into account all the above nuances when choosing dumbbells, buying sports equipment will not be a problem.

A wide assortment will allow you to make the right choice, depending on your capabilities. Don’t skimp on dumbbells by choosing a quality manufacturer and modern materials. Enjoy exercising, strengthening your body and spirit!


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