Today, oatmeal is rarely found on the daily menu, and in vain: this flour, obtained in a special way of processing, is able to preserve a huge amount of valuable nutrients. A few centuries ago, this type of flour was especially popular for making various delicacies for children, since it retained all the best qualities of oats.

The world’s leading nutritionists to this day note the high nutritional value of this amazing product, and therefore oatmeal has every chance to become a popular healthy culinary component today. How to use this valuable product and what oatmeal is, will be described in the article below.

Basic nutritional characteristics

Oatmeal is a powder made from oat grains, in other words, it is flour. It is prepared in a special way: first it is steamed, then it is thoroughly dried, and only then it is cleaned and pounded.

Unlike the milled variety, this product retains the most useful properties of the original plant – in this case, oats, which is why it contains so many vitamins and microelements. In addition, the product has excellent taste characteristics and is immediately ready for use.

Before cooking, this ingredient can be pre-fried in the oven, which will give it a special taste, smell and color that vaguely resemble cocoa powder. After such processing, the crushed grain can be poured with hot boiled water or milk, and for amateurs – even kvass, while additional cooking of the mixture is not required.

An old recipe for cooking involves mixing it in water with sugar and berries. Such porridge was called kulaga and it was served at the table at afternoon tea.

As for the beneficial properties of the product, there are many of them: everyone knows that oats are a natural vitamin source with a high content of slow carbohydrates, which are beneficial for the body and cause a feeling of long-term satiety.

In addition, oatmeal will benefit those who have problems with the intestines or stomach, as well as those who want to get rid of extra pounds, since its calorie content per 100 g of raw materials is 120 kcal.

The beneficial properties of oatmeal were used in ancient times to cure some diseases and strengthen the body. Scientists have repeatedly proved that the composition of oatmeal is rich in substances necessary for the human body, which have a complementary effect and have strengthening properties.

Speaking about how useful such a dish is, one cannot but mention that diets based on the product are indicated for renal diseases, since they do not contain animal proteins in the composition. However, it is very difficult to adhere to such a diet for a long time, since the dishes are rather bland.

It should also be said that porridge helps to neutralize hunger for a long time due to its ability to greatly increase in volume after entering the stomach. Because of this, maintaining your weight is simple and easy.

As for the composition, oatmeal contains fats (about 5%) and proteins (about 20%), as well as dietary fiber and lignin, many B vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. With the help of crushed grains, you can strengthen and improve the appearance of hair, normalize the work of blood vessels and the heart, relieve stress and get rid of insomnia.

In addition, it helps prevent certain cancers and aids in the functioning of the endocrine system, and therefore the benefits of the product are obvious.

As for the harm, no significant contraindications for flour have yet been identified. The only thing that can be attributed to the disadvantages is the ability to reduce the absorption of calcium, but this can happen if you eat it every day for a long time in large portions.

Occasionally, a heavy oatmeal diet can cause a lack of animal protein, which can lead to weakness and dizziness.

Application features

Speaking about how to use flour, it should be noted that crushed oats, due to its special composition, is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, having an excellent effect on the skin. That is why all kinds of homemade scrubs and masks are often made from crushed grain.

Moreover, if the skin tends to be oily, then the masks are best prepared on a water basis, if the skin is dry – on a milky one. To create them does not require much time or effort – just mix the raw material with liquid and leave it on the face for half an hour. After that, the mixture is removed from the skin with warm water.

On the basis of oats crushed in this way, you can prepare scrubs, which will be especially effective during bath procedures. In this case, it is necessary to mix the flour with water or any suitable herbal decoction, and rub the skin in a circular motion.

Also, an excellent effect is given by a mixture of crushed oats and drunk coffee, which must be treated with the whole body and then rinsed with warm water. Thus, you can provide face and body with affordable and effective care.

As for the culinary use of the product, in order to experience all the flavoring and useful characteristics of the product, you can prepare aromatic and delicious oatmeal cookies. For this you will need:

  • a glass of crushed oats;
  • half a glass of first grade flour;
  • a glass of rolled oats;
  • half a glass of sugar and tbsp. honey;
  • 2 eggs;
  • a bag of vanilla sugar;
  • a glass of milk and 130 g of butter;
  • soda on the tip of a knife and a pinch of salt.

Eggs must be beaten with a mixer with sugar, then pour the mixture with warm milk. In parallel, you need to melt the honey and pour it into the resulting base along with the melted butter. At the same time, flakes are dried in a pan and added to the milk and egg mass.

Then flour, sugar and salt, as well as soda are added, the dough is kneaded and left for half an hour in a cold place. From the dough, you need to mold small cakes and put them on a baking sheet pre-greased with oil. Products are baked in the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees for 15 minutes.


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