In childhood, almost every one of us was familiar, and moreover, was actively involved in skipping. After all, under this “overseas” word lies the usual jumping rope for everyone. Fitness trainers claim that for those who want to lose extra pounds or just keep their body in good shape, this is one of the simplest and most effective options.

Workouts accessible to all

As a sport, skipping was singled out in the 80s of the last century. And it has become so popular that world championships in such jumps are held annually. And sports federations exist in more than 30 countries around the world. Now it is no longer just entertainment, but a whole fitness area.

The main advantage of skipping is that it is ideal for beginners as it does not require any special skills, skills or preparation. One has only to pick up a comfortable rope. But these are not all the advantages:

  • Convenient and inexpensive. No special financial investments. Comfortable shoes and clothes, and equipment that can be purchased at any sports store. The choice is small, but everyone can afford it. For a start, the cheapest option is suitable, and having “pumped” your skills, you can purchase a rope with a weighting agent in the handles or high-speed rotation.
  • Versatile. Thanks to this simple device, you have the opportunity to kill not two, but four, and sometimes up to a dozen birds with one stone. Skipping has been proven to burn more calories than running. Therefore, you can not look for convenient routes and do not give up classes when the terrain does not allow them to be carried out. Jumping can be done both at home and outdoors or at the gym at any time of the year.

And the best part is that the rope will fit even in the smallest women’s handbag, so you can always take it with you on a trip or any other trip while continuing your workouts.

  • Good for your health. Jumping rope will help increase the body’s endurance, strengthen the respiratory system, align posture, and make the body beautiful and fit. The secret is that during training, not only the muscles of the legs are involved, but also the muscles of the arms, abdomen, hips and buttocks.

For weight loss, this is a great option. Jumping will not only get rid of excess calories, but will also help in the fight against cellulite. And if you combine them with massages, the result will not be long in coming.

Of the available disadvantages – a significant load on the spine. Therefore, people suffering from problems of the musculoskeletal system need prior consultation with a specialist.

Useful Tips

In order for classes to bring pleasure and visible results, it is important to perform the exercises correctly and listen to several important recommendations:

  1. To select a projectile, you need to measure its length. To do this, take the rope handles in your hands and extend your arms at chest level. If its lower part touches the floor, the length is suitable.
  2. You can start with ordinary jumps on two legs. Then you can alternate them with exercises when you land alternately on your left and right legs.
  3. Don’t try to do your best at first. This is especially true for those who have problems with the cardiovascular system and are overweight. The norm is two sets of 20 jumps.

For those who are better prepared, double jumps are also recommended, in which the rope must turn twice before you touch the ground.

You should also not try to jump higher, energy costs should be minimal. The main task is to correctly distribute the load between all involved body parts.

Avoid training on a concrete surface, this significantly increases the load on the spine and legs.

Skipping is a great sports option for busy people. Indeed, in our dynamic world, it is not always possible to allocate time to visit the gym. But even the busiest businessman can find 10 minutes for jumping rope. Be healthy and beautiful!


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