Pros and cons of a green diet for weight loss

Pros and cons of a green diet for weight loss

The warm season is the best time to carry out a detox course for the body and lose a few extra pounds. The abundance of vegetables and fruits allows you to do this without problems, and the pleasant price for them will not hit your pocket. Today we will talk about a color, green diet and its features.

Easy and tasty

Agree, even the most strong-willed person who decided to limit himself as much as possible in food to obtain ideal forms sometimes wants to eat something tasty. And this struggle between desire and necessity is often unequal.

In our case, you do not have to starve yourself. But it is also important to take into account that the scales will not show an instant result. Such a power system is more likely a light version, and is suitable for those who want to tighten the forms that are a little blurred during the winter period or have a great time on vacation.

It was developed by American nutritionists and is based on the consumption of green fruits and vegetables. Doctors explain the effectiveness of such a diet by the fact that metabolic processes are somewhat rebuilt in the body, and it begins to use the energy that is stored in subcutaneous fat, gradually getting rid of it.

And psychologists say that the use of such products contributes to good health and the absence of a bad mood during the diet, since green vegetables and fruits are associated with health.

So what foods are you allowed to eat?

  • fruits and berries: grapes, gooseberries, apples, kiwi, pear, lime, avocado;
  • vegetables: various types of cabbage, cucumbers, herbs, zucchini, lettuce, celery, greens, green peas.

Most of them contain a small amount of calories, and chlorophyll, which gives a bright color, strengthens the immune system and helps to speed up the metabolism.

But as we said earlier, you don’t have to suffer from strict restrictions. These foods should make up at least 50% of your daily diet, and if you can substitute them for more of your regular food, it will be great.

Lenten soups, salads, cereals, smoothies, various toasts and light desserts will give you the opportunity to enjoy what you have eaten, while effectively cleansing your body.

Prohibited foods include sweets, pastries, coffee, meat and milk. But you can safely leave dairy products in your diet.

Olive oil will become the main fat substitute during the diet.

“For and against”

In theory, everything seems straightforward and pretty simple. So first, let’s define the pros of a green diet:

  1. It is absolutely safe for health. Moreover, you will not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improve your body.
  2. Such a diet has a rather extensive list of permitted foods, which means that you will have more than enough options for their combination.
  3. In addition to a beautiful toned body, you will also get healthy skin, a fresh look, as well as the opportunity to become visually younger for several years.

But this all has its drawbacks:

  1. To reorganize to a new nutritional system, the body will need a fairly long period.
  2. It is worth starting a green diet gradually, otherwise problems with the gastrointestinal tract are possible.
  3. If you are not going to stick to the proposed diet further, it may be worth choosing another way to lose excess weight. This is because with a sharp and active start to the use of prohibited foods, your weight can begin to increase rapidly.

Despite the fact that many nutritionists talk about the harmlessness of such a diet for everyone, there are still some contraindications:

  1. It is not worth extending the prescribed period – 10 days. Otherwise, the body will cease to receive additional nutrients it needs. You can repeat this course after a few months.
  2. Eating a lot of raw foods can cause problems with your teeth and gums. Therefore, first you need to make sure that you do not have caries and other problems with the oral cavity.
  3. Such a diet is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases, including allergies.

It is now possible to combine well-being, good mood and a slimming diet. Eating green products, you will not only become more beautiful and slimmer, but also forget about the feeling of hunger for a long time, and this is another undoubted plus.


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